Protect and personalize your AirPods with a colourful case from $6 this Black Friday

Protect and personalize your AirPods with a colourful case from $6 this Black Friday

Despite being a small, secondary purchase (after you get a Black Friday AirPods deal), a good AirPods cover can actually be really useful. Not only does it help protect your shiny new earphones, but it can also help differentiate your AirPods from others’ quickly.

AirPods are pretty much everywhere these days with many households owning multiple sets. Adding a touch of personalization with a case means you can quickly distinguish yours from each other while also showcasing a bit of your style. With these silicone cases falling as low as $ 6 at Amazon, you also do not have to spend a fortune on a case this Black Friday.

The items on sale come in a large selection of colors with a few options that fall at the new low price. Note, these cases are for AirPods 2 or the original first-get model and not the newly released AirPods 3

Protect your Apple Watch in style this Black Friday

R-fun AirPods case with keychain | 26% discount

The R-funs AirPods case features a silicone cover and a durable carabiner. It comes in a huge selection of colors with prices starting at just $ 6 for Black Friday.

$ 5.95 at Amazon

R-funs AirPods cover offers a thin silicone cover for your AirPods. It does not add a lot of bulk, but the extra protection against scratches and scuffs is significant.

Even though you cover your AirPods, you will still be able to see the LED charge indicator and access the Lightning port, so you do not have to remove the case every time you turn on your AirPods.

In addition to adding protection, the R-fun cases also add some utility with the addition of a keychain carabiner. It makes it really easy to attach your AirPods to your keys or bag so you always have them with you.

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