Prince William’s first words about his wife and father’s health problems

Prince William He resumed his schedule today after having left it on pause to take care of his wife, Kate Middleton, who is recovering from abdominal surgery at her home in Windsor. A health bump that did not come alone since this very Monday Buckingham announced that Carlos III suffers from cancer. Asked about this shocking news about his father upon his arrival to the second act that he faced this Wednesday, The heir has thanked the affection received.


“We really appreciate everyone’s kindness. Thank you”, told journalists waiting for him at the entrance to the charity gala for the London air ambulance charity. The heir, in a tuxedo and with a worried expression – despite giving a smile to those present – is a patron of this association and, in addition, worked as an emergency pilot in 2016, a stage that he remembers with special affection and in which He lived some of the most difficult moments of his life.


During his speech at the event, he once again reiterated his gratitude not only for the expressions of affection towards his father, but also towards his wife. “I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you, also for the kind messages of support to Catherine and my father, especially in recent days. It means a lot to us,” He stated during the gala dinner, also leaving room for some humor: “It is fair to say that in recent weeks I have been quite focused on medical issues. So I thought about coming to an air ambulance event to unwind.”

The visits that Carlos III has received after learning that he has cancer and the striking absence



They are his first words in public since health problems plagued his wife and father. And among that audience that listened to him was a Hollywood star: Tom Cruise. The protagonist of Top Gun He has been committed to this organization for some time, which could not be more appropriate according to the character in the legendary film. The Prince and the actor were chatting in a very relaxed way. It is not the first time that Cruise has shown off his closeness to the Windsors, as in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Elizabeth II when she made a surprise appearance.


It has been an intense day for the Prince of Wales who this morning participated in an investiture at Windsor Castle, in which he presented more than fifty decorations, including the former English soccer player Ellen White, in a ceremony that in other circumstances his father would have presided over. It was the first time we had seen him since his wife’s medical problem became known on January 16 and it has drawn attention that he is visibly thinnerin addition to having his face constantly crossed by an expression of tiredness and worry.


It is not surprising considering that the concerns have come in a chain over the last month. In the case of the Princess of Wales, No details have been given about the mishap that took her to the hospital. where she was operated on and spent two weeks, and at this moment recovers at home, although he is not expected to return to public life until after Easter. Very shortly after Kate’s surgery, it was Charles III who had to be treated for a prostate problem that was successfully resolved. However, this intervention made it possible to detect a cancer that is already being treated.

This will be the day to day life of Carlos III while he faces his treatment

The unexpected announcement of the King’s illness while the Princess of Wales is still on sick leave means that the rest of the senior members of the royal house, with Prince William at the head, have to step forward and carry the weight of the real agenda. This morning, we saw the eldest son of Carlos III in his first commitment since his wife’s medical problem became known last January 16.

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