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This November 20, he dollar price in Mexico it is 17.270800 pesos, according to the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). According to the official media, which is dependent on the Mexican Ministry of the Interior, the quote corresponds to last Friday, since there was no operation this Monday due to the holiday.

According to the economic portal Bloomberg, The price of the North American currency began the day in Mexico at 17.16, below what it was at the previous closing. Although the value of the US currency in Mexican territory has been rising for a few months after the floor of 16.74 that it hit at the end of August, at an annual level it maintains a fall. A year ago, the dollar was 19.54 Mexican pesos.

Price of the dollar in Peru today, November 20

The North American currency remained stable compared to the previous day. The price of the dollar in Peru closed on Friday at 3.7640 soles, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). Daily, the entity creates a table on the website, in which it reports the minimum, maximum and average value of the day in the interbank exchange rate. In another column, indicate the price and compare it with the previous day’s measurements. This way you can easily see the evolution of the dollar in the country.

In this way, the dollar ended the day slightly lower with respect to the opening price, which was 3.7770 and continues with its stability. During the last time, the currency kept its price practically unchanged, with slight variations. Despite the different governments and political processes that the Peruvian territory has experienced in recent years, the sun has always remained stable and managed to maintain a value that it holds against the dollar.

Price of the dollar in Argentina today, November 20

The blue dollar, or free dollar, began today at 950 Argentine pesos. Although there are several quotes in Argentina, the average informal quote is considered the clearest reflection of the value of the US currency in the territory. This is not regulated by the monetary authorities and its sale is handled outside the formal market. However, due to the difficulty of acquiring dollars and the limitations that exist, many Argentines choose to buy at this value.

The different quotes are due to the stocks maintained by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA). Due to the restrictions that exist, only US$200 can be purchased at the official value, the price of which also increases because the operation entails certain taxes, and to be authorized to do so, a series of requirements must be met.

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