Pre-registration for the UBA CBC has begun: what are the requirements and until when is there time?

The UBA registration process has 3 steps: online pre-registration, presentation of documentation, and selection of location and shift on the website
The UBA registration process has 3 steps: online pre-registration, presentation of documentation, and selection of location and shift on the website

From Monday, November 13th to Friday, November 24th, the pre-registration for the Common Basic Cycle (CBC) 2024, intended for those students who have never enrolled in university. This instance is aimed at all those who wish to start their career at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) next year and will be studying at the CBC for the first time.

The registration procedure for the UBA consists of three steps: online pre-registration, presentation of the required documentation, and selection of venue and shift through the CBC website. The delivery of documentation, registration and the choice of venue and shift may be carried out in of periods: The first will be from December 5 to 14, while the second will be in February 2024.

The initial pre-registration phase must be carried out exclusively through the CBC website, starting Monday the 13th until November 24, 2023.

The CBC constitutes the mandatory first year for all majors at the UBA. Understands six subjects: two orientation, two specific to the career and two common (Introduction to Scientific Thinking and Introduction to Knowledge of Society and the State). The academic load allows up to three subjects to be taken per semester, and each subject is evaluated through two partial exams.

The Faculty of Law of the UBA (Franco Fafasuli)
The Faculty of Law of the UBA (Franco Fafasuli)

In a statement, the UBA recalled that Admission to the CBC is unrestricted and without an entrance exam.and that degree studies at the university are free for Argentine and foreign citizens.

To carry out the registration process, you need to have the Current Argentine ID.

Furthermore, you need the legalized secondary degree by the Legalization Directorate of the UBA. Legalization is carried out through TAD (Distance Procedures) by selecting the “Request for legalization of secondary degrees and validation of secondary degrees” option.

If the title has not yet been issued, a constancy of “complete secondary studies in progress.”

In June of this year, the Buenos Aires’ University was selected between the 100 best universities in the world, according to the QS ranking. The UBA occupies the rank 95 At a global level, it is the first Argentine university in the ranking and has remained in the global top 100 since 2015.

In the first quarter of 2023 they signed up 55,857 students to take the CBC: the figure represented a 11.4% drop compared to 2022, when entrants had been 63,044. odontology It is the only faculty that registered a significant increase in enrollment: it had 18.4% more entrants than last year.

The number of entrants to the UBA in 2023 It was the lowest in the last 6 yearsbut remained 9.9% above the 2016 figure. The CBC had reached a record in 2021, during the pandemic, with 66,651 entrants. This phenomenon was replicated in other universities, due to the possibility that virtual courses implied at that time. However, the figure fell by 4% in 2022 and fell more sharply again this year.

Sources from the UBA associated the drop in entrants to two factors: the impact of the pandemic on the academic level of the high school graduates and the persistent economic crisis. When analyzing the data by faculty, it is observed that Medicine It is still, by far, the one that attracts the most students: this year it had 16,624 entrants (-16.9% compared to 2022).

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