Poll: Are you upgrading to the iPhone 13?

Apple’s new best iPhone, iPhone 13, is now available in stores around the world. Although the launch has been met with the usual recognition and fanfare, we have seen a good deal of talk that the iPhone 13 is largely a step-by-step upgrade. While there are some cool new features like the A15 Bionic and a brighter display, it does not bring the major design overhaul of the iPhone 12, making the leap harder to justify for some.

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From our first impression:

Superficially, the iPhones 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are almost indistinguishable from their iPhone 12 counterparts. Same industrial design, same screen sizes, same prices. But once you start using them, the differences are significant: Lighter screens, better camera, especially on the Pro variants; huge improvement in battery life, especially for the mini, a new cinematic mode, dual storage for the baselines and up to double the refresh rate for the pros. They are exciting, inspiring even, but also frustrating. Let me explain…

This is where this week’s poll comes in. We want to know if you have decided to upgrade to this year’s iPhone, whether it is from iPhone 12 or from an older model.

You can take our poll below, or be sure to click here if you are on mobile.

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