Police officer and “perpetrator” injured in shooting in Gummersbach: Cologne police are investigating

Several people were injured in an event that is still unclear in Gummersbach, east of Cologne.

A Police officer fired with his service weapon and injured at least one person, police spokesmen in Gummersbach and Cologne reported. Among the A police officer and the person responsible for the incident were also injured.

After the shooting in downtown Gummersbach, the police in Cologne took over the investigation. Because there was “police use of firearms” during the operation, this was normal, a spokesman said on Tuesday. “Investigators from Cologne are on the way to Gummersbach.”

According to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”, several bullet holes can be seen in the window of a bakery. Eyewitnesses report to the newspaper that they have one Mann seen, the chased by police officers became. Police tried to stop him with a chair. Finally shots were fired.

The investigators initially did not comment on media reports that the police operation could have been preceded by shoplifting.

The event took place at least partially in the pedestrian zone. The city center is currently closed in the Hindenburgstrasse area.

The situation is stable and there is no further threat to bystanders. All injured people are currently being treated in hospital. (dpa)

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