Pokemon GO Shiny Girafarig guide

Pokemon GO players will be seeing quite a bit of Girafarig in September, thanks to its Spotlight Hour on September 19, 2023, and its appearance in the wild in the Psychic Spectacular from September 20-24. Not only can you catch the Normal/Psychic-type more frequently during this time, but you can also obtain its shiny variant as well.

Shiny Girafarig takes on a blue coloration for its snout, hooves, and back spikes. It’s a nice change from a standard Girafarig, and there’s little doubt that shiny hunters will be keeping watch for this creature in Pokemon GO in the upcoming September events.

But how can Pokemon GO fans actually catch shiny Girafarig, and where can they find it?

Where to find shiny Girafarig in Pokemon GO

Shiny Girafarig was introduced to Pokemon GO back in February 2022 and has since been obtainable through different approaches, including:

  • Wild Spawns
  • Egg Hatches
  • Raid Battles
  • Research Tasks Rewards
  • Rescuing from Team GO Rocket Grunts

However, Girafarig isn’t currently available in egg pools or as a raid boss and can’t be rescued from Team GO Rocket Grunts. Since this is the case, it’s best to focus on the ways that are available as of September 2023.

Wild Spawns

Shiny Girafarig has been a potential wild encounter since its 2022 debut, and you have an excellent opportunity to catch one on September 19 as well as September 20-24, thanks to the events that will include it as a boosted wild spawn. You should stock up on their Incense and Lure Modules to maximize your chances of finding a shiny during this time.

On September 19, Girafarig will have its own Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO from 6-7 pm local time. In this singular hour, Girafarig will spawn at an incredibly high volume compared to other Pokemon. If you use your Incense/Lures during this time, you can likely encounter multiple shinies before the Spotlight Hour ends.

Furthermore, from September 20-24, Pokemon GO’s Psychic Spectacular event will be underway. Girafarig will be spawning more often in the wild during this timeframe, so you can certainly find a few shinies along the way as well. However, using Incense/Lures won’t be quite as effective here, as many other Psychic-type Pokemon will also be appearing as boosted wild spawns.

Still, you can always keep your eye out regardless and attempt to catch every Girafarig. Sooner or later, you’re sure to find that blue-tinged shiny you’re searching for.

Research Tasks

Throughout Pokemon GO’s Adventures Abound season, you can also receive Girafarig encounters by completing a very specific Research Task yielded from spinning Pokestops. Specifically, the task will require that you catch seven different species of Pokemon.

Considering shiny Girafarig will be easier to catch in the wild in most circumstances, you can utilize this Research Task reward to complement your search efforts. While you’re out hunting for other Pokemon, you should be able to complete this Research Task and encounter Girafarig regularly during the Adventures Abound season.

Moreover, the Psychic Spectacular will combine Girafarig spawns with trainers’ ability to continue finishing Research Tasks and catching different species of Pokemon. If you miss Girafarig’s Spotlight Hour, the Psychic Spectacular will present the best opportunity to encounter a large amount of Girafarig, meaning shiny appearances are more likely.

After September 2023, you can continue searching for shiny Girafarig in the wild. It’s also recommended to keep an eye on the available egg hatches, raid bosses, and Team GO Rocket lineups. Niantic may very well bring this Pokemon back into the fold again, especially if its Paldean evolution Farigiraf makes an appearance later on this season.

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