Podemos criticizes that Sumar never wanted them in the Government but they will continue in the parliamentary group with their autonomy

Podemos spokesperson, Isa Serra, offers a press conference at Podemos headquarters, on October 30, 2023, in Madrid (Spain).

Podemos spokesperson, Isa Serra, offers a press conference at Podemos headquarters, on October 30, 2023, in Madrid (Spain). – Eduardo Parra – Europa Press

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Serra calls the “last minute” offer for Nacho Álvarez his quota as “theater”


Podemos co-spokesperson, Isa Serra, has criticized that Sumar disrespected their training and displayed a “theater” with Friday’s offer to offer them a Ministry in the figure of Nacho Álvarez so that it would not appear that they wanted to expel them from the Executive. Thus, once their departure from the Executive is consummated, they will reinforce their political autonomy without this implying leaving the parliamentary group.

In statements to RNE, collected by Europa Press, and questioned whether in this context and with her misgivings about the new Executive it would not be better to move to the Mixed, Serra responded that “it does make sense” to be in the Sumar group but they are going to act from its autonomy, not only in relation to the votes of its five deputies in Congress but in terms of political positioning.

And he has explained that this is precisely the mandate of his bases that endorsed Podemos’s new political roadmap, which is why they are now beginning to delve into that autonomy in order to “recover government positions” in the future.

On the other hand, Serra has questioned that Sumar intended to include them in the Executive, given that to negotiate their presence in a ministry it is necessary to “speak in advance” and demonstrate “seriousness” and “a certain respect” towards Podemos, something that in his opinion is not has been had.

Furthermore, he has expressed that the problem goes beyond not accepting the continuity of Irene Montero as head of Equality, which was his proposal, given that if the intention was to give them entry into the Government, “the normal thing” is to “respond” to their proposals, especially when Podemos “is not part” of the agreement between PSOE and Sumar because “they were not even” invited to be at the table.

Thus, he has insisted that if integrating Podemos was the intention, at least we would have to sit down and talk for a long time and not make a last-minute “theater” with the proposal of Álvarez, who was still part of Podemos and was a negotiator of Add to try to cover up from the citizens that they were being expelled from the Executive.


Therefore, the Podemos co-spokesperson has criticized that the exclusion of Podemos from the Executive, apart from a “serious political error” is a decision of the PSOE with the “help without a doubt” of Díaz, given that it is notorious that the socialists did not want to return to govern with them.

Serra has proclaimed that his departure from the Executive is a “victory of the reactionary powers that have always worked so that Podemos does not occupy positions of power”, in addition to the challenge of a culture of the coalition that the purple party had established.

In this way, he has defended that although in the last legislature they were the coalition partner, they related “one to one” with the PSOE to push to fulfill democratic commitments and hold public debates about the differences in the coalition, something that has has always been “reviled” by the PSOE and Sumar, who have called it “noise.”

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