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India leads the way in 5G: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the 5G services in the country, which is expected to change the architecture of internet functionality. Despite lagging behind in 2G, 3G and 4G, India has taken the lead in 5G and set global standards.

The Prime Minister said that the Digital India revolution is a great success. “Digital India is not just a name but a vision. A vision to bring technology to the masses and it is based on four pillars,” Modi said while inaugurating the India Mobile Congress.

According to the Prime Minister, Digital India has been successful due to a combination of factors including low unit costs, proliferation of digital connectivity, low data costs and finally the digital-first thinking of the masses.

He said that to reduce the cost of smartphones or devices, the government gave incentives to companies to manufacture in the country. Highlight that in 2014, about 100% mobile phones were imported and there were only 2 units that manufactured mobile phones. Now the number has grown to 200 due to the government’s various measures.

Another priority for the government was to promote digital connectivity through policy support for 4G. Due to the uptake of 4G, broadband users in India have increased to 80 crore now from just 6 crore in 2014. Similarly, internet users have increased to 85 crore from 25 crore in 2014.

The Prime Minister said that the growth rate of internet is faster in rural areas as compared to urban areas. Furthermore, the cost of data has been reduced. “We removed hurdles in the telecom sector. How we gave political support to 4G deployment, which led to data costs coming down,” the Prime Minister said.

He added that due to the multiplier effect of all these, there is an increase in digital thinking among the masses. “Even the poorest person in India wants to adopt the latest technologies. The digital first thinking has helped a lot during the covid pandemic,” Modi said.

Due to the global first mindset, India was able to transfer thousands of crores of rupees with a single click. With the entire world shut down, students in India took online courses, doctors cared for patients and others worked from home.


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