PlayPosit-Interactive Videos to Engage Students (Teacher Full Review)

PlayPosit is an educational platform that allows you to create interactive video lessons, called bulbs, using videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Panopto and several other video hosting sources. You can add various interactive features to videos and create immersive learning experiences for your students.

You can create a class on PlayPosit and invite students to join. You can assign bulbs and monitor student progress. PlayPosit also allows you to host live bulbs that the whole class can see and interact with. As such, PlayPosit is definitely a good alternative to Edpuzzle.

PlayPosit review for teachers

In this review post, I introduce you to PlayPosit and share some of the ways to use it in your classroom with you. More specifically, the review covers the following points:

  • Best practice for using PlayPosit in your teaching
  • PlayPosit features
  • How to use PlayPosit in your classroom?
  • How to create a class on PlayPosit?
  • How do you add students to your PlayPosit class?
  • How to search for ready-made bulbs?
  • What is PlayPosit Broadcast?
  • How much does PlayPosit cost?

Best practice for using PlayPosit in your teaching

When designing instructional videos in PlayPosit, consider the following:

✅ Duration: interactive videos, bulbs, should preferably be shorter. In fact, according to the people at the InTech Center at the University of Arizona, video segments should be ‘about six minutes or less’.

✅ Purpose: to clearly identify the purpose of using interactive videos in your teaching. Use the SAMR model to help guide your instructional practice in this regard. Try to answer the following questions: Do you use bulbs to replace a task you would normally perform without the use of technology (substitution level) or to create transformative learning experiences and optimize student learning (eg, redefinition level).

✅ Do not overdo interactive features. Smaller is sometimes better. Between one interaction and the next, students are given enough time to absorb the content of the video segment. Interruptions with frequent questions can be detrimental to students’ overall learning.

✅ Use PlayPosit’s preview feature to view your interactive videos before sharing them with your students. Preferably walk through the bulb yourself or ask a colleague to see it. This will help you identify and tackle any potential issues and will also test the effectiveness of your questions.

✅ Create ‘free-flowing’ and character-free bulbs that give students the opportunity to engage in video content in a more relaxed and stress-free environment. Bulbs do not necessarily have to have grades all the time.

PlayPosit features

Here is a list of some useful features provided by PlayPosit:

  • Automatically add classified interactions to your bulbs, such as multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, and select all.
  • Bulbs can also include various types of interactions such as discussion forums, reflective pauses, free answer questions, URLs, videos,
  • Teachers can add feedback (e.g., notes, clarifications, comments, etc.) to each answer choice
  • Create interactive videos from collection of different video segments
  • Bulbs can be created from uploaded videos, recorded videos or videos from popular video hosting platforms (eg YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Use PlayPosit’s ready-made light bulbs to assign interactive videos to students
  • Trim and crop parts you want to exclude from your videos
  • Add captions to your videos. Upload caption files to your bulbs
  • Create teams, invite students to participate, and assign bulbs to work on
  • Use Monitor to access students’ performance data and keep track of their learning

How to use PlayPosit in your classroom?

Here are some practical suggestions to help you unleash the educational potential of PlayPosit:

✅ Create interactive videos (bulbs) for use in both your personal and distance learning in the classroom.

✅ Record screencasts and tutorials that guide students through the processes of solving a learning problem, explaining a complex phenomenon, showing how to use an educational tool, and so on.

✅ Perform formative assessments using bulbs. Create interactive videos on topics you taught in class and include various types of interactions (e.g. multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, etc.) to check students’ understanding. Use PlayPosit analytics to access performance reports, identify learning gaps, and design help.

✅ Use light bulbs to increase engagement and promote participation in classroom activities. Ask students to make bulbs for book reviews, presentations, storytelling projects, etc.

✅ Encourage students to make their own bulbs to share with the whole class. This can be in the form of a presentation, a tutorial or a mini-lesson for peer teaching.

✅ Use discussion forums in your interactive videos to give students a virtual space where they can jointly engage in video content and learn from each other. Discussion forums are a great feature for enhancing the classroom learning community. The way it works is simple: Select Discussion from the list of interactive features, ask your question and determine the length you want your question to appear. Students respond by making time-stamped comments.

✅ Use voting survey features to gather students’ feedback on questions related to their own learning.

How to create a class on PlayPosit?

PlayPosit allows you to create classes on your account and invite students to join them. To create a class in PlayPosit:

  • Log in to your teacher account
  • Click My Classes from the left sidebar
  • Click on ‘Create your first team’
  • Enter a name for your class

How do you add students to your PlayPosit class?

PlayPosit offers three options for adding students to your class:

1- Class code

Copy the code generated for your class and share it with your students. Using their usernames and passwords, students log in to their accounts and click Sign Up New Class. They enter the code in the search field and select the class that appears and click Join Class.

2- Students sign up to attend your class

Copy the URL of the class you want students to attend and share it with them via email or other media. When students click on the URL, they are asked to log in or create an account. When they do, they automatically join the class.

3- Upload your student list

You can easily add students to your class using a .csv list. Simply open your class, click the Students tab, and select Add Students. Click on the file to upload your .csv list.

How to search for ready-made bulbs?

PlayPosit offers a large collection of ready-made video lessons created and shared by other teachers. You can view, edit and copy these bulbs to your own library. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your teacher account
  • Select ready-made bulbs from the left sidebar
  • Search for bulbs by keywords, tags, creator or bulb name, etc.
  • When you find the bulb that interests you, click on the thumbnail or the triple dot icon to either view the bulb or copy it to your own library.

What is PlayPosit Broadcast?

Broadcast is PlayPosit’s service for sharing live bulbs with the entire class. The way it works is easy: You share the bulb on the projector so the whole class can see it, and students respond to interactions from their own devices. As a teacher, you can control the pace, intervene with additions and clarifications, and access students’ responses in real time.

As the bulb progresses, you can monitor student progress. You can see the number of students who have answered the questions, what questions they have chosen and many more. You can also use PlayPosit’s grade book to access detailed analytical insights on students’ performance data.

To start a live bulb, log in to your teacher account, click on My Bulbs from the left sidebar, select a bulb, and then click Broadcast. The bulb opens in a new window. Click to copy the URL of the bulb to share with your students. To set how students join the bulb, you can choose from these options:

  • Does not require login: Allows students to complete the broadcast bulb without having to log in to PlayPosit.
  • Does not require student name: ‘Creates a URL that does not require a student to enter their name before starting the broadcast bulb. Your answer will be saved in the grade book as an anonymous name ‘
  • Show QR code: A QR code will be generated and displayed on the screen to share with students. This QR code will change dynamically depending on the options selected for the broadcast. Click on the image to copy the QR code of the notebook for sharing. ‘

How much does PlayPosit cost?

PlayPosit offers free and premium licenses. The free version offers limited features including: 100 student attempts, no direct video upload, no recording, use only YouTube or Vimeo videos in bulbs and get more.

Premium licenses include:

  • Classroom Pro ($ 144 / year): For individual teachers and offers unlimited student experiments, upload videos, advanced bulb customization options, analytics and more.
  • The other two premium licenses provided by PlayPosit include:national license and Business license.

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