Payroll workers at IPS: Official presented 80 breaks in a single year, reveals manager – Última Hora

Dr. Carlos Morínigo, Health Manager of the Social Security Institute (IPS), revealed that an official of this institution presented 80 rest periods in a single year, which were provided by the same doctor, who is already being investigated.

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The woman is part of a group of 600 officials who will be dismissed from the state entity for not fulfilling a specific function and for other irregularities.

“It was necessary to do a review and only the officials who really work will remain. Late arrivals, unjustified rest periods, absences from the workplace were taken into account,” explained Morínigo, who was invited to Telefuturo’s Politically Yncorrecto program.

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Morínigo revealed that 10,000 officials joined the IPS in the last 5 years, many of them without any specific function, so they are seeking to dismiss 7,000 of them. Currently, the total number of officials at the institution would be 26,000, according to the authorities.

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Among the excuses that appear on the forms for absences from work are, among others, technical problems, power outage, rain, unjustified absence, problem with the biometric clock, demonstration of cooperatives, transport strike and others.

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