Paulina Rubio confirms that she returns to Oza-Cesuras

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Bernardo Tomé from A Coruña participated in the program “El musical de tu vida”, on Telecinco, dedicated to the Mexican artist, who spent a summer at her house in Trasanquelos when she was a girl.

26 oct 2023 . Updated at 05:00 a.m.

“Last year I couldn’t go to your festival, but next year count on me,” he told her this Wednesday night. Paulina Rubio to coruñés Bernardo Tomé, organizer of the Trasan Fest. She did it on the show The musical of your life, which Carlos Sobera presents on Telecinco. In it they remembered that summer in which Paulina, an 11-year-old girl, came to spend the summer in the town of Trasanquelos (Oza-Cesuras) and Tomé’s family’s house. «My first cousin was married to Susana Dosamantes, Paulina’s mother. They brought her with her brother Enrique. I remember that she came with a briefcase full of paints and one of those record players,” says Bernardo. A few months ago he was asked to participate in the program broadcast this Wednesday and he took the opportunity to promote the festival that he began organizing two years ago. «I’m going little by little. Every year we want to do it a little better, without becoming overcrowded, maximum 3,000 people. We have an impressive site and we must value it,” he points out. That’s his idea, but As Paulina Rubio fulfills the commitment made in her musical, the next Trasan Fest is going to be the bomb. Also in the television space was David Muñoz Forcada, one of the boys who were part of the group Parchís, which was very fashionable when Paulina spent the summer in the aforementioned parish of Oza-Cesuras. “When they returned to Mexico, his father put together a similar group, Timbiriche, which was very popular,” highlights Tomé, who participated in the recording of the program a month ago. It was a special moment to meet Paulina again, now a star, and to know that she does not forget that she has a date in Trasanquelos in the summer.

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