Patricia Bullrich: “On Sunday, more than 90% of those who voted for me will accompany me” – Última Hora

“On Sunday, more than 90% of those who voted for me are going to accompany me,” he said in an interview he gave to the program Informal Breakfastsfrom the Uruguayan television channel Teledoce.

Bullrich pointed out that the election that will take place on November 19 is “between continuity and change.”

In that sense, she highlighted that she is “with the change” and that she believes that the Argentines who voted for her and to whom she speaks every day “are going to accompany that change.”

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Despite this, he stressed that in a possible Miei government he will support “everything that is supportable,” but that on certain issues he will not do so. Likewise, he stressed the importance of separating that candidate’s proposals from what is said about them.

Asked about the debate that Milei faced this Sunday with the ruling party’s presidential candidate, Sergio Massa, Bullrich said that he brought face to face “a professional politician with a lot of addiction to lying” with “a person with very little experience in that sense.”

He added that what is being seen in Argentina is “professional and corporate politics” versus “a group led by Milei and that is trying to change reality.”

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“We have in mind Massa’s experience of managing a Government: he doubled inflation, increased poverty, generated a situation of destruction of the Argentine productive apparatus,” Bullrich emphasized.

Massa and Milei measured their strength this Sunday in a debate full of hard conflicts, they asked for the vote and met for the second electoral round, which will take place on November 19.

Both candidates advanced to that stage after being the two who obtained the most votes in the National Elections on October 22.

Bullrich, who finished in third place, announced three days later that he would support Milei, despite acknowledging that they have “differences.”

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