Patent potentially reveals iPhone rivaling Galaxy S23 Ultra camera feature but don’t get hopes up

Most reports so far have suggested that the upcoming The Galaxy S23 Ultra will have one 200MP camera for the first time, while the rest of the specifications remain unchanged, but there is now a glimmer of hope that Samsung could make some changes to the telephoto camera for more stabilized images.
A Samsung patent titled ‘Camera Module Including Image Stabilization Assembly, And Electronic Device Including Same’ published by WIPO talks about a camera with sensor-shift stabilization for future devices (via Galaxy Club).
Sensor Shift Stabilization is a technology that helps eliminate hand shake that can lead to blurry images. It has come to smartphones from DSLRs. Samsung currently uses something called optical image stabilization, whereby the lens unit moves around or floats.

In contrast, with sensor-shift stabilization, which has been embraced by Apple, it’s the sensor that moves around to counteract shake.

We heard that for the first time in 2021 Samsung may be interested in sensor shift stabilization. The aforementioned patent talks about a periscope telephoto lens with a movable sensor and also notes that it is not only intended for conventional phones, but may also make it to foldable and rollable devices.
Of course, a patent is no guarantee that Samsung will actually implement this technology, and one report has already said that The S23 Ultra will inherit the S22 Ultra’s 10MP periscope telephoto unit with 10x zoom and 10MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom.

The sensor-shift technology also requires more space, and this is one of the reasons why the latest iPhones have a bigger camera bump. The recently leaked Galaxy S23 Ultra renders, on the other hand, show camera modules that don’t appear to be any bigger than the sensors used by the S22 Ultra.

While companies like Google rely on software smarts to get the most out of cameras, image stabilization is one area where hardware trumps software, and while the perceived difference isn’t truly groundbreaking, sensor-shift stabilization can help smartphone cameras achieve noticeably better stabilization.

So while no rumor so far has explicitly stated that the next Ultra could feature the sensor-shift stabilization technology, The S22 series is still months away, so fingers crossed.
Whether or not this ends up happening, industry insiders have been all praise for the S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera, so it’s safe to assume it will easily outshine most current top camera phones.


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