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O Palm trees will send the classic against Santos, in the 26th round of the Brasileirão, at Arena Barueri, on October 8th. The club will not be able to use Allianz Parque, as Canadian singer The Weeknd will perform on the 10th and 11th.

Pameiras x Athletico – Arena Barueri — Photo: Disclosure/SEP

So far, only the match against Santos is confirmed in Barueri, but it is possible that other games will be transferred there, when the November table is broken down.

Between the months of October and November, Allianz Parque has 15 confirmed shows. Performances by The Weeknd, Evanescence, Roger Waters, RBD, Taylor Swift, among other names that make up an electronic music festival, are scheduled.

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Three other games, all in November, are also unlikely to take place at Allianz Parque. There are 12 shows scheduled at Allianz Parque between the 4th and 26th, and in the same period Verdão has commitments against Athletico (32nd round); Internacional (34th round) and América-MG (36th round).

The divergence in agendas between Palm trees and Real Arenas, the arm of WTorre responsible for managing Allianz Parque, is another chapter in the fight between the partners.

Could the focus on the Libertadores hinder Palmeiras in their pursuit of Botafogo in the Brasileirão?

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