Eneti: The New Offshore Wind Installation Leader

By Tom Konrad, PhD, CFA With its acquisition of Seajacks, Eneti (NYSE: NETI) has become the world’s largest owner of offshore wind installation vessels. The two articles were shared with my followers on Patreon when the news came out. Rendering of a future wind turbine installation vessel commissioned by Eneti Appreciates the Eneti / Seajacks … Read more

moving workload to on-premises hybrid cloud

Workloads moving back to local are a trend that is increasing. Is it time to consider rebalancing the workload of your organization’s hybrid cloud? There is an excellent article from Toby Weiss, VP of Hybrid Cloud Practice here. I know the background to this has a strong focus on the details of repatriating the SAP … Read more

Four short links: 8 Dec 2020

TextAttack – Frameworks for generating conflicting examples of NLP models. (Paper) (via data exchange) Measuring developer productivity – There is no useful measure that works with a finer grain than “tasks multiplied by complexity”. Measuring commitments, lines of code, or hours spent on coding, as some tools do, is no more useful in a team … Read more

West Point Chemists Re-Create Medieval Gunpowder Recipes

Making gunpowder is a bit like cooking, except more explosive. Gunpowder manufacturers in the 14th and 15th centuries used black powder brought to Europe from China and then mixed the three ingredients together one by one: saltpeter (also known as potassium nitrate), charcoal and sulfur. But they also made some chef-like improvisations, including a splash … Read more

The financial system must support the net-zero transition

This article was originally published by Climate & Capital Media and is reprinted with permission. Mark Carney set strong markers for net-zero in double appearances during Climate Week. In remarks that opened Climate Week NYC, which spoke as the UN’s special envoy for climate action and finance, Carney cut to the chase: “Virtually every business … Read more

Amazon’s managed Prometheus service hits general availability

That Transform Technology Summits launch on October 13 with Low-Code / No Code: Enabling Enterprise Agility. Register now! Amazon has announced that its managed Prometheus service is now generally available to all businesses, after first debuting it in preview last December. Prometheus, for the uninitiated, is an open source event monitoring and alert technology for … Read more