What is a cyberattack surface and how can you reduce it?

Find the best ways to mitigate your organization’s attack surface to maximize cyber security. In almost all coverages of modern violations you hear mention of the “cyber attack surface” or something similar. It is central to understanding how attacks work and where organizations are most vulnerable. During the pandemic, the surface of attack has undoubtedly … Read more


Explore SF Symbols 3 Design and build with colored symbols. Inclusion by design The process and practice of welcoming everyone to your app or gaming experience. Developer’s Guide to Human Interface Guidelines Explore resources and guidelines to help you build apps for all Apple platforms.

Silicon Anodes Muscle in on Battery Technology

By Tom Rickey, PNNL Silicon is a staple of the digital revolution that rejects lots of signals on a device that is probably only a few inches from your eyes at the moment. Now the same abundant, inexpensive material is becoming a serious candidate for a major role in the burgeoning battery business. It is … Read more

Machine Learning and React Native

Unless you have lived under a rock, there is no way you have not heard of at least artificial intelligence. This, of course, is due to the powerful tool it has proven to be over the last decade. This popularity thus led to the emergence of machine learning as well as deep learning. Now they … Read more

The M1X MacBook Pro might have a notch

With the countdown to Apple’s “Unleashed” event ticking closer to kickoff, rumors of the next MacBook Pro are still circulating. And this latest one could give us a clue as to how thin the frames around the screen will be. We’ve heard for months that Apple is going to release two sizes of the MacBook … Read more