Off-grid rest area in Australia offers an aesthetic break

Located northbound on the Goulburn Valley Highway heading out of Melbourne, Australia, towards Shepparton, you’ll find an off-the-grid rest stop that entices motorists to stop with its modern architecture and throwback 50s twist that evokes the great family road trip. This is the Calder Woodburn rest area by BKK Architects.

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The rest area when sunlight directly hits a circle in the roof

While most rest stops bring to mind a large square block of weak coffee and cellophane-wrapped snacks after a trip to the bathroom, this one is an aesthetic relief by comparison.

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Striped ceiling at the bus stop

Its floating, lightweight and corrugated steel roof provides shade during the day and doubles as signage with the bold tent-like black and white stripes painted on the underside. The daring designs and negative spaces create constantly changing patterns and shadows throughout the day. When illuminated at night, they produce striking images.

A carport near the bus stop

In addition, the resting place was designed to show the plains around the views. The designers did this by integrating it seamlessly with the land, while still creating visual impact with its bold lines.

A seating area outside the bus stop

Meanwhile, the concrete cast forms minimize the impact on the environment during construction. These prefabricated forms reduced the cost of the building, as concrete is a more affordable material, and the manpower required to construct the rest area.

The interior of the building with orange bricks

The round, concrete toilet structures are tiled in bright glossy colours, giving the interior a sparkling jewel-like quality, while reducing the toilets’ need for maintenance.

By placing the rest stop on this long stretch of highway in the Victoria region of Australia, which has few areas for its travelers to pull over, the new location provides respite for weary travelers. Most importantly, its key location has helped reduce the risk of accidents. The station has become known as a landmark welcome to the city of Shepparton.

+ BKK Architects

Images via John Gollings


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