Not For Broadcast VR Releasing This March For Quest, SteamVR

tinyBuild Games confirms Not For Broadcast VR, a standalone adaptation of the darkly comic propaganda sim, is coming to Steam and Quest in March.

Released last year for PC, Not For Broadcast is an FMV adventure set in an alternate 1980s Britain where an authoritarian political party has taken power. Playing as janitor-turned-broadcast editor Alex Winston, you’re tasked with making sure live broadcasts run smoothly for the National Nightly News. Between choosing camera angles, censoring certain words, and repairing faulty hardware, tinyBuild warns “your choices will come back to haunt you.” You can watch the announcement trailer below:

Unfortunately, if you previously purchased the original Not For Broadcast on Steam, this is not a free update to the existing desktop game. Instead, Not For Broadcast VR is a new Steam release that requires a separate purchase. Here is the full description:

Not For Broadcast VR takes the gameplay, story and poignant dark comedy of the original award-winning FMV adventure and brings you closer to the news than ever before. Get a full view of the entire newsroom, interact with your equipment and punch, smack and grab anything that dares to come between you and the truth. Selfish celebrities, dishonest politicians and strange sponsors collide on the airwaves. You sit in the chair to ensure that the show continues uninterrupted. Or at least, that’s what you’re getting paid for. Now there’s nothing stopping you from spending all day beating yourself over the head with VHS tapes, we suppose.

Not For Broadcast VR arrives on the Meta Quest platform and SteamVR on March 23rd.


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