Not a single cow harmed: How Perfect Day aims to win over Singapore’s alternative dairy market

It appears to be an exciting time for consumers and producers of alternative dairy products in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore. According to data from Mordor Intelligence, this is influenced by the increasing prevalence of lactose intolerance, which led to consumers looking for a healthier alternative.

According to the report, plant-based beverages are “naturally lactose-free and generally considered lower in cholesterol and fat than animal milk.”

“Furthermore, the market is witnessing the penetration of local brands that specialize in innovative product offerings to serve consumers’ needs for dairy-free beverages,” the report says.

On e27we have also witnessed the emergence of local tech startups working in the sector that produce the alternatives to existing dairy products, especially cow’s milk.

The promise of success is also prompting global startups to try their hand at this market, including California-based Perfect Day, which recently launched its animal-free milk Very Dairy.

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The milk is not plant-based; it is made from animal-free whey protein. The company describes it as “the same nature-identical protein found in traditional dairy, but without involving a single cow.”

“The microflora receives the genetic code for whey protein, fed with plant sugar, and then, through the fermentation process (similar to making bread or beer), transforms these ingredients into the animal-free whey protein, identical to what is found in traditional milk,” explains the company.

This results in a vegan-friendly milk product that is lactose-, cholesterol- and hormone-free, low in sugar and saturated fat, and rich in protein and calcium.

In an interview with e27, Alex Brittain, SP of International at Perfect Day, explains that the company aims to create an impactful product by making it as close as possible to the traditional milk that consumers know and love. It also adds additional values ​​such as its health and environmental benefits.

“That’s what we see universally in the markets where we launch,” he explains. “It’s like the preferred driver, followed by health and sustainability in that order.

Looking at Asia

Founded in 2014 by bioengineers Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, Perfect Day works at the intersection of biological engineering, food innovation and consumer products to create a greener tomorrow.

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In Singapore, the launch of their Very Dairy milk follows the launch of animal-free ice cream brand Coolhaus in July 2022. The ice cream product is developed with the same animal-free milk protein as Very Dairy.

The brands are available in various supermarket chains in Singapore for S$4.95 for the milk’s one-litre pack.

“Our international expansion has only just begun, and it starts with Asia, [particularly] in Singapore and Hong Kong … I think we’ve been really, really happy with the reception and the support we’ve had from retailers, distribution partners and manufacturing partners that we’ve identified in the region,” says Brittain.

“I think the alternative protein landscape is well developed here … When we talk to consumers, they’re open to trying new, different innovation.”

But that does not mean that entering the market in Singapore is not without its challenges. In the context of ice cream brands, Brittain cites strong ties to existing major brands as something that is “deeply entrenched” in the market.

“It is difficult to come in as a new player with new technology to break into people’s repertoires and habits. [But] one of the good things about [ice cream] is that it is essentially a category where consumers are open to trying new innovation,” he says.

Following the launch of its ice cream and milk brands in Singapore, Perfect Day aims to introduce its brands to new markets before expanding into other product categories.

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