Nomad AirTag Leather Loop sports a refreshed design

Today, Nomad updates one of its existing offerings with a new design. With all the usual Horween leather stylings that the brand is known for, its new Nomad AirTag Leather Loop package slims down while still providing an elegant way to cut Apple’s item finders on your keys, bags and more.

Nomad AirTag Leather Loop refreshed with D-Ring design

In terms of what’s actually new this time around, Nomad ultimately makes only a relatively small adjustment of its new AirTag Leather Loop, which falls to the actual metal hardware that connects your keys with the leather construction. Before on the original model, there was a standard keychain that Nomad notices takes up too much space in your pocket compared to the new iteration. Instead, you will find an injection-molded metal D-ring in stainless steel, which contributes to a much more compact design.

Otherwise, Nomad sticks to what the brand knows best for the new release today. The whole package consists of its usual Horween leather that will develop a healthy patina over time, coming in one of three different styles. It’s the same as the original, and like the model that came before, Nomad does not change the price tag. Bells in at $ 19.95the newly renewed AirTag Leather Loop is now available through the Nomad store front online.

Another difference that Nomad is marketing in front and in the center is the ease with which you can replace an AirTags battery. While the previous model could actually accomplish the same thing, it was a bit awkward with how it was all put together. This time, Nomad notices how easy it is to replace an aging battery without actually having to remove the leather loop, which still sticks to your AirTag with a pair of 3M pads.

The refreshed Nomad Leather Loop joins the rest of the brand’s existing stable AirTag accessories. None of the others have been updated and only the most popular offer gets any love today.

9to5Toys’ Take

Have already gone hands-on with the original style last year (which you can read all about in our Tested with 9to5Toys review), I have to say that Nomads AirTag Leather Loop does not look too convincing as an upgrade for existing owners. New users, on the other hand, are likely to find that this is an even better package with all the small adjustments, especially given that the already notable price tag has not changed this time around.

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