Nokia Arena has touchless digital keys with mobile access

The new Nokia Arena in Finland just opened its doors last month, but only for those with special digital keys. The entire arena, designed by Polish architect Daniel Libeskind, is connected with non-contact digital access technology that makes innovative use of new artificial intelligence security.

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A large silver building with the Nokia Arena

Nokia Arena will host the Men’s Ice Hockey World Championships in 2022 and other major events. Its 24-hour opening hours are the perfect opportunity to test a new access control technology.

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A large silver building Nokia Arena with streets leading up to it

The designers knew that they not only needed a large arena, but one that made it possible to distinguish between people who needed staff access, hotel guest access, or access to semi-public spaces. They acquired Abloy, a company for access control and monitoring systems that created a unique non-contact locking system for the arena.

A hand placing a telephone in front of a door handle

This is not only useful and effective for a complex project, but follows a trend in healthier design in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and other pathogens that can spread to large venues. Abloy has also secured other major arenas, including Helsinki Olympic Stadium and Warsaw National Stadium.

Two hands hold a phone with Abloy on the screen

“Nokia Arena is a striking example of security trends where access rights are going digital and door environments are touchless,” said Jari Perälä, Vice President, Domestic Sales and Marketing, Abloy Oy. “In this development, various human resources, space and access management systems, for example, are integrated. They share information to improve operational efficiency and safety. There has been much discussion about the API economy (i.e., utilization of data shared through application programming interfaces in recent years).

A stadium lit with purple lights

Along with electromechanical keys, Nokia Arena’s new security system allows doors to be opened with access rights on mobile devices or wristbands. This system enables the arena to respond to the wide range of access levels required to operate the space 24/7.

An aerial photo of silver skyscrapers against a clear sky

“We have introduced a wide range of keys,” said Jani Helenius, Property and Security Manager at Nokia Arena. “Access permissions can be sent to smart devices, in which case the door is opened using a mobile phone or smartwatch in an instant.”

A push handle against a white background

To provide security in the event of an emergency evacuation, the locks on the arena doors are integrated with the fire safety system. Smooth evacuation is also ensured by Abloy push brackets that open the doors, opening quickly and easily when needed.

“Simulations during the construction phase have shown that 4,500 people can be guided away from the ground floor of the arena in less than eight minutes,” said Helenius. “The entire arena can be emptied in about 15 to 20 minutes, in an optimal situation. This would not be possible without effective opening mechanisms on the exit routes. ”

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Pictures via SRV / Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy and SRV / Libeskind / Tomorrow


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