No, this list of “fake news” about Javier Milei was not published by the Presidency of the Nation and contains proposals that the Libertad Avanza candidate did express.

If you only have a few seconds, read these lines:

  • Javier Milei published a list of alleged fake news about him on his official Instagram account. The plaque bears the signature and logo of “Argentina Presidencia”.
  • However, this is false since it is not an official publication made by the Executive Branch of the Nation.
  • Furthermore, the first “fake news” that it lists do correspond to proposals or ideas that the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza expressed publicly in the campaign.

The presidential candidate of Libertad Avanza, Javier Miley, published an image on his official Instagram account under the following title: “Fake News about Milei.” There, a series of statements are listed that, according to the libertarian candidate, were not said by him and were established as alleged fake news.

In addition, the plaque has the slogan “Taking care of information is caring for democracy” and bears the signature and logo of “Argentina Presidency.” However, This is false since it does not correspond to content from the national Executive Branch and, contrary to what the image indicates, there were statements that were actually made by Milei himself during the electoral campaign.

The Instagram post It received more than 275 thousand “likes”, according to official data from the social network itself.

A plaque falsely attributed to the Presidency of the Nation

Milei’s publication has the slogan “Taking care of information is caring for democracy” and the logo of “Argentina Presidencia.” However, it is not an official publication made by the Executive Branch of the Nation. There is no content that has been published on any of the official networks of the Presidency of the Nation (see here, here y here).

As we count in this note, The dissemination of supposed plates – which imitate the logo of a media outlet or another official logo and even typography – is a common practice to generate and spread disinformation, which requires minimal editing efforts and usually goes viral quickly.

Milei did express these proposals

The initial proposals that appear on the plaque shared by Milei were promoted by him himself during the electoral campaign; This is not fake newss.

In the first point of the publication, the sale of organs appears as alleged misinformation about Milei. However, this is false. In May 2023, in the program “We Are Good” from the Todo Noticias (TN) channel, when asked if he was in favor of the sale of organs, Milei responded: “There is something that is not working well. So what one is proposing is (that) we review the mechanism. Let’s look for a market mechanism to solve these problems.”

The second point that, according to Milei, is “fake news” is the proposal to sell children. However, in June 2022, in an interview on Radio Con Vosthe libertarian candidate did not claim to disagree with the proposal and assured that “it is not a discussion to take place today in Argentina” but said that it could be a debate to take place in the future in the country.

The next point marks that the free carrying of weapons is fake news about its proposals, although in May 2022, in the “Truth Consequence” program on TN, Milei express: “I am in favor of the free carrying of weapons.” Furthermore, he added: “When you prohibit the use of weapons, criminals, no matter how much they prohibit it, use them anyway.”

Besides, in the electoral platform of La Libertad Avanzapoint number 17 in the chapter on “National security and judicial reform” indicates: “Regarding the possession of firearms, we propose the deregulation of the legal market and protecting their legitimate and responsible use by citizens.”

Although this is not the case, Chequeado has previously denied misinformation that affected Javier Milei and that circulated during the 2023 Election campaign, as can be read in this note.

This check is part of la iniciativa Third Party Fact-checking de Meta in Argentina. In the case of photos and videos, we work with doctored images or images taken out of context, and we always analyze the images and videos together along with the text with which they were presented.

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