No, The GTA Remasters Don’t Have An Unfinished VR Mode

No, The GTA Remasters Don't Have An Unfinished VR Mode

A console command found in the Grand Theft Auto remasters led to allegations of an “unfinished VR mode”.

The command, gta.vr.1, was discovered by RockstarINTEL author Ben Turpin. Turpin himself did not make any grandiose claims about its purpose or significance, but some gaming news outlets described this as an “unfinished VR mode”, and that claim may not hold true.

Yes, it’s true that San Andreas has been announced for Quest 2, but it’s being developed by Video Games Deluxe, a completely different studio located on a different continent than Grove Street Games.

All the gta.vr.1 command actually does is switch to first-person view when you are not inside a vehicle. It does not even activate virtual reality and does not appear to do anything else. Some players say they use it for better screenshots.

The GTA remasters are built into Unreal Engine, which has full built-in support for VR if developers choose to enable it. But no GTA modder or hacker has found any reference to this VR support or the SteamVR, Oculus or OpenXR APIs. There is no evidence that a VR user interface, motion controller support for weapons or other VR features are present in these games.

In fact, the first-person view that the command activates is similar to Unreal Engine’s standard first-person camera controls. While it is possible Grove Street Games once worked on VR support for these games, a single console command name is simply not proof of that. Describing this as an “unfinished VR mode” would be like describing a book with a title on the cover and nothing on the inside pages as an “unfinished novel”.


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