“No refunds”: Fans out hundreds after disappointing Kevin Hart show

Anger continues to build after a disappointing Kevin Hart show in Vancouver this past weekend, and some fans are demanding a refund.

Daily Hive heard from a fan in attendance who had more details about why the show was such a disappointment.

Natalie Boardman spoke to Daily Hive and told us that she spent $211.84 for two tickets, which included processing and venue fees.

“We didn’t know how early to show up, but we wanted a decent view if possible,” Boardman said.

Daily Hive received another email from a festival attendee who showed us proof they paid $618 for two VIP tickets, adding that it was “fully misrepresented as a festival when it amounted to one hour of comedy.”

The tickets were $498 plus $64.74 in tax, $35.34 for processing fees, and $20 for a facility fee.

They emailed the Great Outdoors Comedy Festival about a refund and got this response:

“We are sorry the experience didn’t meet your expectations, we are taking note on this and always looking for ways to improve for the future.”

The festival added, “Unfortunately, there are no refunds.”

Boardman travelled from Victoria specifically to see Kevin Hart live, but in retrospect, she wishes she didn’t.

“I should have stayed home and gone to Rifflandia instead,” she said, adding if he had performed a complete set, it would have been worth it.

Hundreds of comments on the festival organizer’s Instagram page had similar complaints, including the comedian being on for 30 minutes or less and drinks being too expensive. Boardman wasn’t as upset about the drinks.

“As far as drink cost goes, I paid $10 for a beer. Yes, it isn’t cheap, but this is to be expected at any type of large festival.”

The show was advertised as a phone-free event, something Boardman found refreshing.

“I thought it was nice to be at an event and not have everyone staring down at their phones the whole time.”

Boardman’s review wasn’t as bad as some comments on the festival’s Instagram page. Comments on the Great Outdoors Comedy Festival’s Facebook page weren’t much better.

But she did take issue with a statement she claims she received from the organizers.

“We certainly don’t put a cap on it from our end,” Boardman claims the organizer told her in regards to the length of Hart’s performance, the main issue people were complaining about on social media.

In response, Boardman said they need to advertise that there’s no cap.

“Imagine paying for a concert and the band leaving after 20 minutes? No way.”

Fans in defence of Kevin Hart

Some Hart fans on social media have claimed that his performance was related to an injury he recently incurred, which he may still suffer from.

Hart revealed as much in a social media post just three weeks ago.

Daily Hive is still awaiting a response from the festival organizers.

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