Nick Law, Apple advertising VP, is leaving for pastures new

Apple loses a VP with advertising manager Nick Law, who moves on to a new role at an unknown company, according to a new report. Law first moved to Apple in mid-2019.

According to an Ad Age report, Laws’ move has not been officially announced, but has been confirmed by “people familiar with the matter.”

Until now, Law has been responsible for marketing and communications at Apple, which moved from the Publicis Group two years ago.

During his tenure at Apple, those close to the case said that Law was closely involved in the work, especially in the social and digital field. However, the company’s most “visible” marketing is without a doubt the more “traditional” format work, such as its long-running “Shot on iPhone” campaign, showcasing the product itself through billboards or movies, including blockbusters run by Hollywood A-Listers. Its continuing experiential push for retail, “Today at Apple,” won a Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions in 2018.

It is said that Laws role took over Apple TV +, retail, media and digital advertising, and it remains to be seen who will replace him after the departure.

Apple has not yet confirmed the move – I have contacted for a comment – but this post will be updated if that changes. It is noteworthy that there does not appear to be a word yet on where Law will move to.


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