New special edition Gold Shadow Xbox controller is a “statement piece”

Xbox has announced its next special edition wireless controller called Gold Shadow.

The controller is inspired by the official Shadow range of controllers released during the lifetime of the Xbox One. It has a gold-to-black metallic finish on the front, creating an illusion of a shadow cast at the bottom of the grips, while the rest of the controller is carbon black.

The gold metallic finish extends to the D-pad. There are rubberised diamond-pattern side grips, unlike your bog standard Xbox controller.

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The Gold Shadow design has all the usual features too, including Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth compatibility, a 3.5mm heaphone jack, and textured grips on triggers and bumpers.

The contrast between gold and black allows the gold elements to shine, Microsoft says in its official announcement. All I can think of is the song Black and Gold by Sam Sparro (which is now 15 years old).

The Gold Shadow Xbox wireless controller will be available from 17th October, with pre-orders already open on the Microsoft Store for £64.99/$69.99.

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