New Skills, New Career: See How Asmita Built the Confidence to Pursue a New Role

New Skills, New Career: See How Asmita Built the Confidence to Pursue a New Role

We would like to introduce you to Asmita Meshram. Today, she works as a Graduate Trainee at Tata Consultancy Services and is excited about her new role. Her story is an excellent example of how learning new skills can open new doors. She started her career after obtaining her bachelor’s degree. However, she quickly realized that she was in a field that was not right for her. She had to find a new way forward, and the discovery of the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate on Coursera proved to be the right solution for her. We recently had a chance to talk to Asmita about her career turning point and her experience with the Professional Certificates program and to get her advice to anyone else who might be considering a career change.

Asmita, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, and congratulations on your new role! Let’s get started with some background. Can you tell us a little about what you did before joining Tata Consultancy Services?

Thank you! And yes, I would like to. I recently completed my undergraduate studies and received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Mumbai. I was actually in my final semester when the pandemic hit and everything went online – even the lectures at the university. During that time, I started working for a small start-up as a web developer. After working with them for seven months, I realized that the web development field was not for me.

It must have been a difficult realization. But it sounds like you started exploring other options right away. Then what happened?

It was around March that I came across Alex the Analyst’s YouTube video about the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate program at Coursera.

It’s a great discovery! As someone who was able to make a career change to become a data analyst, it seems like his site could be a great resource for someone in your position. Did you start taking a closer look at the Professional Certificate program then?

Well, I checked out some other videos, and I also posted the reviews of the program, which were perfect. So I signed up right away!

What was your first impression of the program?

The structure is very well defined and arouses curiosity about what comes next. Although the overview was shared in the first part itself, I was very excited to know about each phase in detail.

How did you approach your study, and was it a challenge to keep up and stay motivated?

I actually went with a friend to complete this program. We held each other accountable and made sure we both got the time done. We studied about four hours a day.

It’s impressive! Can you tell us about the skills you learned in the program?

I gained many skills and was able to acquire knowledge about the entire life cycle of a data analysis project. In addition, the program teaches you not only about data analysis, but also about the responsibility of being an employee – how to keep up with stakeholder requirements, how to handle positively in a work environment and much more. It was a great experience to dive into how everything works in a corporate world. I also learned how to make a good resume and how to handle interviews.

Do you feel that the program in general, and the career preparation component in particular, were useful to you when you started looking for new roles?

Yes! The Capstone project at the end helped me develop my portfolio and I feel like I was able to increase my overall profile for interviews.

Then tell us about your new role. What kind of projects should you work on?

I am currently in the training period, which means that I can be associated with any project in domains such as IT, development, system administration, database administration, cloud, machine learning, analytics and much more.

It sounds really exciting and it’s great to hear about how you’ve been able to discover these new possibilities. Many students around the world come to Coursera to make the kind of progress you make in your career; What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling in a similar Professional Certificate program?

If I were to give some advice on how to stay motivated and focused while implementing this program, I would suggest collaborating with a friend and holding each other accountable.

It is fantastic! And it’s really clear that the same advice worked for you because you completed the program successfully, and now you’re in a new role that you’m excited about. Congratulations!


We would like to thank Asmita for sharing her story and congratulating her on the progress she is making on her career journey!

If you’re interested in learning new skills and embarking on a new career path, we hope you’ll explore the Google Professional Certificate programs at Coursera. It’s a great way to get in-demand skills, improve your resume and expand your career opportunities. Learn more today, and good learning!


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