New GTA Online solo glitch allows Yacht owners to earn RP easily

Anybody who owns a Yacht in GTA Online (or has a friend with one) could potentially do a simple glitch to farm RP effortlessly. This method is best for low-levels who can fulfill this condition, yet higher levels could still use it if they want to grind Ranks for whatever reason. It is possible to do this exploit in an Invite Only Session.

You need a Yacht and a flying vehicle that can be on that boat to start. This can be expensive, so the average new player might not be able to solo it. Nonetheless, this new GTA Online glitch may interest some gamers, so let’s check how to do it.

Note: You must not own a Hangar at Fort Zancudo. If you do, buy one at LSIA to swap.

How to take advantage of this new GTA Online glitch for farming RP?

Step #1: Bring your Yacht as close to Fort Zancudo as possible. If you talk to your captain inside, you should see an option to move it to Lago Zancudo, which is good enough for this exploit. This usually costs $25,000, but you can reduce it to $10,000 if you did all six A Superyacht Life missions. Either way, the next part is easy.

Step #2: Get your quick-moving aircraft on top of the Yacht. You will be using it for the next step of this GTA Online glitch. An Oppressor Mk II is a popular choice, but you can also settle with the Swift Deluxe from The Pisces.

Step #3: Start an Organization and begin Piracy Prevention. For the latter, here is what you do:

  1. Open up the Interaction Menu.
  2. Select SecuroServ CEO/VIP.
  3. Pick VIP Work.
  4. Select Piracy Prevention.

Step #4: Ignore the job. Instead, fly to Fort Zancudo, earning a Wanted Level in the process. Then fly back to the water in the direction of your Yacht. This will remove your Wanted Level. This GTA Online RP glitch involves you flying back and forth as you will continually get RP upon losing your Wanted Level.

Note that once the job ends, you should also earn up to $30,000. That’s not too shabby since you’re trying to grind Ranks here.

You can earn 400 RP every time you lose the cops. If you really want to take advantage of this GTA Online money glitch, faster vehicles are ideal. In this case, parking an F-160 Raiju near your Yacht can be advised since it can reach top speeds of 232.5 mph. Any other quick plane can also suffice.

The faster you can get a Wanted Level and lose it, the better. Starting this GTA Online RP glitch is easy. It’s just that owning a Yacht could be out of reach for some players due to costing several million dollars.

That said, anybody with one can easily take advantage of this exploit to farm RP before it inevitably gets patched out like most glitches.

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