Natalie Weber intensified the fight and responded without filters to Mica Viciconte: “My life is much more hectic than hers”

Little Viscount y Natalie Weber They staged a strong confrontation after the wife of Mauro Zarate would aim against Fabian Cubero for Indiana Cubero’s 15th birthday. However, far from staying silent, the model decided to come out in defense of her partner.

It is always easier to fence without knowing reality. I think she should focus on her personal life and not so much on others.“he launched spicy Mica on a mobile Show Partners.

Natalie Weber
Recent image by Natalie Weber.

Now it was Natalie’s turn again, who since “American breakfast“he decided to respond without a filter to Viciconte: “First, I’m on a panel where I get paid and give my opinion. Second, I had been dating Fabián for 16 or 17 minutes, so I don’t think he knew much about contracts to talk about Mauro going to Boca for money“.

Besides, Natalie Weber He denied the information he shared Little Viscount in the cycle ElTrece: “I would like to know if you have Mauro’s contract from Boca and Vélez’s, because to talk about someone leaving with money you have to know things as they are and know the internal“.

Natalie Weber targeted Mica Viciconte

The panelist compared her life live with that of the couple Fabian Cubero: “I have a more hectic life than hersI have two children of my own and a husband working abroad and I also work“.

Finally, and to close the topic, Natalie Weber confessed that Little Viscount ended up fighting with all her colleagues in “Incorrect”: “Also, as you said, we were in ‘Incorrect’ and He fought with all his classmates at different times.“.


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