Mother-in-law’s Day: why it is celebrated on October 26

If you haven’t visited or called your partner’s mother in a long time, today is ideal to do so, since every October 26th is celebrated Mother-in-law’s Day in Argentina. This anniversary aims to commemorate these women who, on many occasions, play a fundamental role in families.

The birth of this anniversary was in the United States, where journalist Eugene “Gene” Howe proposed following the model of the celebration of Mother’s Day, established in the northern country in 1908. Meanwhile, the first Mother-in-law’s Day was celebrated on October 26, 1935 in the town of Amarillo, in the state of Texas. With the aim of establishing this day of celebration, the Amarillo Globe News newspaper was in charge of disseminating it.

Sometime later, in the 1970s, the American Society of Florists proposed that the celebration be held on the last Sunday in October and lobbied for it to be established as a national day, which finally happened.

Why is Mother-in-Law’s Day celebrated in Argentina?

Over the years, the rest of the countries copied the American tradition, as did Argentina in 2018. For this reason, every October 26, many sons and daughters-in-law dedicate messages of affection on social networks and entertain their loved ones. mothers-in-law with gifts as a thank you.

Likewise, it is a day to rethink this bond that historically was considered conflictive and irreconcilable. However, there are mothers-in-law who are essential in the formation of families, since many of them perform a double role as mother for sons and daughters-in-law and are essential for caring for grandchildren.

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