Most of you think the Pixel needs more camera accessories

Google Pixel 7 Pro camera housing

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Google’s Pixel phones generally stand out thanks to the camera experience (among other features), offering great image quality and some handy features.

That being said, we recently wrote an article calling for more camera-focused accessories for the Pixel line. We also used the article to ask if you thought the Pixel needed more camera accessories. Here’s what you told us in that poll.

Think the Pixel needs camera-focused accessories?


Nearly 2,000 votes were counted in this poll, and it turns out that nearly two-thirds (64.4%) of respondents actually want more camera accessories for the Pixel line. Readers supporting this position in the comments suggested possible additions such as a telescope accessory for improved astrophotography as well as snap-on lenses.

Meanwhile, over a third of readers surveyed felt the Pixel series didn’t need camera accessories. Several readers in the comments thought they might as well carry a DSLR camera instead of an add-on for a Pixel phone. Then again, it’s worth noting that add-ons like camera grips and lenses are much smaller than a typical stand-alone camera (while add-ons are also much cheaper than a camera).

It’s also worth noting that some readers pointed out other issues with Pixel phones, such as exposure accuracy, image quality in mixed lighting, and a lack of camera controls.


  • Nacelle: There IS a problem with pixel cameras. The pictures with low light and flash are atrocious. I’m not talking about night shots. Dim light before it turns to night is where it’s bad. I have a OnePlus 9pro and its low light photos are SO much better
  • Heist99: How about exposure control. What good is 30x zoom if the moon is too bright
  • Mike Lumaro: I received a shiftcam grip for Christmas. But like everything else, it’s designed for iPhones. So while it works fine, the volume rockers are a pixel lower than on an iPhone, so it grabs right on the rocker. It would be nice if companies would just make more universal accessories so they wouldn’t have to pay Apple for their specific crap.
  • Freakin: I’d love to see the Pixel line create some attachment points on their camera bump for extra lenses and commit to the design for a number of years. That way, Google or third parties could commit to making them, and both they and consumers would benefit from a useful standard.
  • TopherT1: Not so sure about the accessories, but more camera controls would be nice. I know they’re going for minimal, but more control options would be nice.
  • ChrisPollard77: Look at the examples of camera-related accessories in your own article to see why there isn’t one for the Pixel. If you make it, it doesn’t mean anyone will. If I’m going to lug around a camera grip for my phone, I might as well carry around my dSLR “just in case.” The whole point is that you have your phone with you anyway. If anyone has a chance to make this work, it’s either Apple or Samsung. Guess what – they have no interest, for good reason.
  • JR Buckley: I would love to see an expansion of astrophotography to include a pixel-specific telescope accessory with deep space and planet-focused shooting modes with automatic image stacking.
  • sao_paulo: If I’m going to bring accessories, I might as well bring a dedicated camera
  • Albin: Global statistics for Pixel market share are hard to come by, but reaching around 3% in North America was considered a big leap a few years ago. Simply does not reimburse the cost of developing and manufacturing specialized peripherals for any specific models other than Apple or Samsung. I was lucky that Moto supported well-designed and smart “Moto Mod” accessories for the Z series, but have ended that line.


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