Milei’s party proposes repealing the abortion law in Argentina

Six deputies from La Libertad Avanza (LLA), the party of the president of Argentina Javier Milei, have presented a project to repeal the abortion law in the country and impose criminal offenses on those who intervene in a voluntary interruption of a pregnancy, among other measures.

  • The text presented in the Chamber of Deputies this Monday, February 5, is headed by one of the recent slogans of the Milei Executive, which declares 2024 as the “year of the defense of life, liberty and property.”

The essential. The Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Law (IVE) that Milei’s party now proposes to repeal was approved in Argentina on December 30, 2020 and enacted on January 14, 2021, after years of massive feminist mobilizations in which, carrying green scarves as a symbol, women asked for safe and free abortion in the country.

  • This rule, which remains in force today, allows for voluntarily interrupting pregnancy up to week 14 safely, legally and free of charge, always within a maximum of ten days from its request.
  • Beyond those 14 weeks, abortion is only allowed under two causes: when the woman’s life is in danger or if the pregnancy was the result of rape.

What does the project presented by Milei’s party propose to repeal the abortion law in Argentina?

The bill presented by six of the deputies of the party led by Milei calls for the repeal of the current abortion law in Argentina and to roll back the articles of the 1921 Penal Code that said law modified. Likewise, the proposal presented in the Chamber seeks to introduce the following measures:

  • Prison sentences for the mother. The bill presented by the Milei party in Argentina proposes punishing a woman who causes her own abortion or consents to someone else’s carrying it out with sentences of one to three years in prison.
  • Jail sentences for people who intervene in abortion. At the same time, the text requests penalties of three to ten years in prison for those who cause a woman’s abortion without her consent, which could reach 15 years in the event of the mother’s death. In the event that the abortion is consensual, the penalties for those who intervene would be from one to four years, a sentence that could increase to six if the woman dies.
  • It seeks to prohibit the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in cases of rape. The project presented by the Milei party to repeal the abortion law also seeks to make the Argentine Penal Code more restrictive than in 1921 by eliminating the causes of risk to health and rape, although it leaves it to the judge’s discretion to provide an exception based on of “the reasons that prompted the woman to commit the crime, her subsequent attitude, and the nature of the act.”


Bill to repeal the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Law (IVE)

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