Milei president: who are “the Forces of heaven” that were behind your successful campaign in Argentina?

A young man with a scarf on his face that says Milei

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Milei became president with the help of his young militancy, self-nicknamed “the Forces of Heaven.”

  • Author, Veronica Smink
  • Role, BBC News Mundo, Argentina

One of the many idiosyncrasies of Javier Milei, the “libertarian” economist who has just been elected the next president of Argentina, is that he frequently cites religious texts, particularly Judaism, a religion he studies with a rabbi.

“I didn’t come here to lead lambs. “I came to wake up lions,” is, perhaps, his best-known phrase.

But it was another of his biblical references – one that he repeated again this Sunday, in his first speech after his electoral victory – that inspired the name with which the group of militants, composed mainly of young people, called themselves, which was key to the meteoric rise of the libertarian.

“Triumph in war does not come from the number of soldiers, but from the forces that come from heaven.”

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