Mike Johnson: Donald Trump’s shadow

You might think it was nothing. Applause rushes through the plenary chamber of the US House of Representatives when the magic words are spoken this Wednesday at 2:42 p.m. (local time): “The people’s house is back in business“, shouts Mike Johnson into the microphone. Parliament has a quorum again, he is the new man at its head. And the republican celebrate not only him, but above all themselves, who unanimously voted for Johnson. As if they had never done anything else.

The past three weeks seem to have been forgotten, in which they were unable to hold such an election, but instead forced one candidate after the next to give up and allowed the House of Representatives to remain paralyzed. The death threats that some of them received when they refused to vote for the extreme right’s original preferred candidate, Jim Jordan, seem to have been forgotten. The mutual insults, the chaos and the joy that those who initiated it when they were Johnson’s predecessors took in this chaos seem to have been forgotten Kevin McCarthy thrown out of office by a vote of no confidence.

The post first appeared on www.zeit.de

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