Microsoft takes advantage of chaos in Open AI: Altman hires

Everyone knows each other: Satya Nadella with Sam Altman on November 6th
Image: AFP

The software company hires Sam Altman and other former employees of the ChatGPT manufacturer. This raises questions about the future of the current cooperation – and a spectacular revolt breaks out in Open AI.

Dhe leadership chaos at Open AI has taken another unexpected turn: Sam Altman, who was fired as CEO of the company specializing in artificial intelligence last Friday, is moving to Microsoft. He will lead a research group around AI there, and he will bring with him a number of other former Open AI employees. Open AI is the manufacturer of the popular AI system ChatGPT, and Microsoft is an important cooperation partner and the company’s largest individual shareholder.

Altman’s firing set off a chain of events over the weekend. Several senior Open AI employees resigned in protest, and investors, including Microsoft, put pressure on the company to bring Altman back. Corresponding discussions with Altman were held on Sunday at Open AI’s headquarters in San Francisco, but failed. Instead, Open AI announced the appointment of a new interim CEO, Emmett Shear, the former CEO of the video game platform Twitch, which belongs to the online retailer Amazon.

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