Microsoft adds Rigetti quantum computers to Azure Quantum service

Rigetti joins Honeywell, Ionq and Quantum Circuits in Microsoft’s cloud-based quantum computer ecosystem

Berkeley, California-based quantum computer maker Rigetti announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring Rigetti’s quantum computers to Microsoft’s Azure Quantum service. The two companies expect the new Rigetti systems to go online in the first calendar quarter of 2022.

Microsoft bills Azure Quantum as “the first full-stack, open-cloud quantum computer ecosystem.” Azure Quantum includes a cloud-based service and development kit for students, developers, and researchers working on quantum computing solutions seeking to offer a “write once, run everywhere” approach.

Azure Quantum is also a marketplace. Azure Quantum gives developers access to software and the opportunity to rent time on quantum computer hardware. Microsoft hardware partners include Honeywell, Ionq, Quantum Circuits Inc. and soon Rigetti. Prices per. Calculation hours on Azure Quantum range from free for students to up to $ 900 per hour for large-scale performance.

Accelerates the life cycle of the quantum app

“Some companies offer only one solution – their own, while others offer open ecosystems, but leave it to you to change your code when you want to try a new quantum system. This means more work for you; higher code maintenance costs and incompatibilities, as technologies matures, ”said Fabrice Frachon, chief PM, Azure Quantum.

Azure Quantum provides the best development environment for creating quantum algorithms for multiple platforms at once, while maintaining the flexibility to tune the same algorithms for specific systems. You can choose from many programming languages ​​such as Qiskit, Cirq and Q # and run your algorithms At Azure Quantum, it’s easy to simultaneously explore today’s quantum systems and be ready for the scaled quantum systems of the future, ”said Frachon.

Quantum computing uses the unique behaviors of quantum physics to help calculate data. The basic function unit for quantum calculation – quantum “bit” – is a qubit. While bit values ​​alternate between 0 and 1 in classical computing, qubits can contain a “superposition” of all possible states.

Quantum computers have a significant promise of massive storage and data processing potential. Quantum computers solve problems in machine learning, pharmaceutical discovery and development, energy, logistics optimization, weather forecast and financial forecasting.

Rigetti said it builds scalable systems using superconducting qubit-based quantum processors. This scalability offers new opportunities for Azure Quantum developers, according to Krysta Svore, general manager of Microsoft Quantum.

“We are working closely with Rigetti to deliver hybrid quantum-classical computing with the performance to tackle issues that were previously out of reach,” Svore said in a statement.


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