Membean- A Good Vocabulary Website for Students

Membean is a vocabulary website that provides differentiated and personalized vocabulary instruction to students of all ages and abilities, including ELLs and students with dyslexia. Students are engaged in training sessions where they are introduced to new words that they learn using different pathways. In addition to learning about word pronunciation, students also practice the new vocabulary through example sentences, visual representations, explanations and definitions.
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Membean allows teachers to create classes, invite students, and create and share assessments and assignments. Using the site’s dashboard, teachers can access detailed reports on student learning progress, customize site settings, invite co-teachers, and much more.

As a teacher, you can create as many classes as you want. Each class has a unique code that students can use to register themselves. When you create classes, you will be asked to specify a training cycle and training expectations. Cycles and expectations are key because they will help you establish clear grading guidelines and will also help the Membean engine determine when students are ready for assessment.

You can invite students to your classes via e-mail or print registration cards. Alternatively, students can sign up using the special URL you share with them. When students log into their Membean account for the first time, they are prompted to start the calibration process, which takes about 5 to 7 minutes.

What is the calibration process?

The calibration process is like a placement test consisting of a series of questions that Membean uses to test students’ understanding of vocabulary. Based on student responses, Membean calibrates students to a given level. Teachers can always review the student calibration process and determine if students are placed at the appropriate level. The purpose of the calibration process is to provide students with personalized vocabulary sets that are congruent with their learning level.

How does Membean work?

Students learn and develop their vocabulary through a series of practice sessions. In each session, students are introduced to new words, and each word is composed of nine different learning modes. Students can choose the content they are interested in and learn at their own pace. After students learn a new word, Membean provides comprehension check questions to test their knowledge and to further consolidate their knowledge of the word.

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Membean reports

Membean offers detailed customizable reports on student performance. Teachers can access performance data related to each training session, including. words and questions students interacted with during the training session, time spent on a particular word or question, number of questions answered correctly/incorrectly, new words studied, words re-studied and many more.

The teachers have full control over the students’ learning. For example, they can adjust how long and how often students learn. Among other things, they can also set the number of questions on quizzes and how often they are sent out. Teachers can also customize student training preferences, including whether to enable/disable definition autoplay, pronunciation autoplay, enable/disable dyslexic fonts, turn full spelling on/off, and more.

Assessments and writing assignments

Teachers can easily design personalized assessments based on students’ vocabulary learning. Assessments are graded automatically and the results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet. To generate or schedule assessments for your classes, simply go to your dashboard and click on the name of your class, select the Assessments tab, and then click the Create Assessment button.

Another way for students to use their member words in context is by writing assignments. Each student is given a unique writing assignment based on their education. As a teacher, you can monitor students’ progress and grade their assignments (writing assignments are not graded automatically).

To create a writing assignment, go to your dashboard, click on Assessments, select Writing, and click Create Writing Assignment. Choose the number of words, due date and the type of keyword to use. Click on Create task and ‘a unique task is generated for each student’.

How much does Membean cost?

Membean offers ‘a differentiated pricing model, so it is less per student when you have multiple classes using the program. The annual price per students range from $6-20 depending on the size of your purchase.’


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