Mediaset hires Carlos Franganillo from TVE to be the new leader of Informativos Telecinco

Mediaset signs Carlos Franganillothe star presenter of the Newscasts of TVE, to become the new reference for News telecincoas has been known verTele. As the chain later confirmed, it will present the prime time edition to replace Pedro Piqueras, who is retiring.

The signing of the journalist, who, due to its unexpectedness and surprise, becomes the bombshell news of the year on television, puts the icing on the cake. renewed commitment to information from Mediaset.

The arrival of Francisco Moreno as the new Director of Information, as verTele also announcedlaid the foundations for that change of course that already It began to be exemplified this Wednesday with the investiture debate of Pedro Sánchez, when the network offered special programming despite knowing that It was a risky bet. until Telecinco is once again seen as an information reference. But the network is more than willing to fight that battle, and this punch on the table in the sector It is the greatest proof of this.

Carlos Franganillo had become the great reference for information on TVE. Since in September 2018 it began to present the Newscast 2the good work of the journalist and his way of explaining and telling current affairs including new narratives has accumulated praise and awards such as the Waves and the Iris in 2019 for the best news presenter. His success has made TVE trust him even with your own format and especially to drive all informative specialsthe last one last week for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez together with Alejandra Herranz.

[Actualizado] According to what he has also been able to know verTele, Franganillo will no longer present TVE’s ‘Telediario 2’ today after announcing his signing for Mediaset, with different versions between official and internal sources of the chain.

His applauded way of conducting news is marked by reporting. On TVE it was Franganillo, in first person, who left the set to go to where the news occurred: The congress, Kiev for the war in Ukraine, a hospital for health, Estremadura for the fires, in Brussels for the NATO summit, in Vitoria for the anniversary of the end of ETA, in The Palm by the volcano… Precisely he received the Porquet Prize from the Huesca Journalism Congress for his “innovative, honest, brave and ambitious style”.

Not in vain, TVE’s commitment to Franganillo to present its Newscast 2 was a consequence of his extensive experience as reporter, special envoy and correspondent. From 2011 to 2018 he was a correspondent for the public broadcaster in Russia (based in Moscow) and then in Washington DC (United States). As a special envoy to cover different events or events, he has traveled to Turkey, Germany, Greece, Chile, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan and Norway, among other countries. For this work he won in 2014 the Salvador de Madariaga Award of Journalism from the Association of European Journalists, and in 2016 the International Press Club Award for best Spanish correspondent, among other recognitions. This same weekend, Franganillo received the City of Malaga Journalism Award to recognize his career.

[ACTUALIZADO] ‘Informativos Telecinco 21h’ will be presented by Piqueras, who is retiring

After the publication of this exclusive verTeleMediaset has released a press release in which it confirms the information and clarifies that Franganillo will present the prime time edition of Informativos Telecinco in relief of Pedro Piqueras, who is retiring.

The current director of the channel’s News and face of the 9 p.m. edition for years will retire from the small screen by his own decision at the end of the yearas reported by the communication group in a note and as we collect in this other news. This is an exit that he himself agreed with the company months ago, according to what they indicate, to end 17 years at Mediaset España.

“Piqueras, one of the most recognized and beloved journalists in our country, will end his brilliant professional career after spending the last 17 years at Mediaset España, where he leaves a successful career at the head of its news, an unforgettable memory and an indelible mark. ”, highlights the company.

Franganillo will be the new reference for Informativos Telecinco

With the incorporation of Carlos Franganillo, Mediaset hires a seasoned all-terrain journalist as a reporter, special envoy and correspondent; which has been the visible face in Spain of a new way of doing news combining the set and street reporting. It marks the journalist’s farewell to TVE, which he joined in 2008 by opposition.

It is not just another signing in the television sector: TVE loses what is undoubtedly its great news reference, and Mediaset gains muscle to hire the most flattered news presenter today, also sending the message that they are very serious about fighting for information.

In fact, this type of star signings between networks had focused more in entertainment and current affairs faces, and reviewing names shows that the public channel cannot compete with the private ones: Roberto Leal, Eva González, Bertín Osborne, Diego Losada and Ion Aramendi, among others, left TVE after triumphing on La 1 to go on to host star formats on Antena 3 and Telecinco. In the news, David Cantero and Pepa Bueno also appeared, the first to go to Telecinco when he was presenter of the Weekend Newsnot daily on News 2.

Carlos Franganillo now joins that list, but he does so to introduce News telecinco. We are not talking about the entertainment area, but in the news area, which largely affects the image that an entire network has. His incorporation, therefore, is key for the future of Mediaset and its renewed commitment to information, and clearly comes to become a benchmark as it has already been on TVE.

Currently, the News telecinco are presented by Isabel Jiménez and David Cantero (The edition 15hat noon) and Pedro Piqueras and Alba Lago (The edition 9 p.mat night), in addition to Arancha Morales and Leticia Iglesias (the morning at 7h). Surely in January the new stage will begin, which will debut a modern set after 16 years and will recover News Four. He will now be under the leadership of Francisco Moreno, a professional who has always opted for pairs of presenters to provide stability.

The question is clear: What news program will Carlos Franganillo present on Telecinco? At the moment there is no answer, although a signing of this magnitude aims to be the main one of the night, the one at 9:00 p.m., to face Vicente Valles in Antenna 3who leads with an iron fist thanks to the legacy left by Rosco de Pass wordwhat as we already analyzed He is the one who really “decides” which nightly news program is the most watched in Spain.

Mediaset has already repeated many times, at the insistence of some journalists and media outlets, that Pedro Piqueras will retire “whenever he wants”. Franganillo and Piqueras They recently metleaving the set of their news programs to report on the street from Morocco about the earthquake, and perhaps now the first will become the “successor” of the second.

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