Marra expressed himself AGAINST Boca’s statement on the SAD

The person who was a candidate for Head of Government for La Libertad Avanza spoke out against the position of Xeneize, opposing the Sports Joint Stock Companies.

Ramiro Marra Boca

Through his Twitter account, Boca spoke on Saturday through a statement against the Sports Joint Stock Company (SAD) -discussion that arose from the contrary position of the presidential candidate Javier Miley– y Ramiro Marrawho was not elected Head of Government by the Freedom Advances and is a fan of Xeneizeexpressed his disagreement with the position taken by the La Ribera club.

In a dialogue with C5N, Marra declared regarding the public position of the blue and gold institution against the Sports Public Limited Companies: “I am a Boca fan and I did not feel represented by the leaders when they released that statement”.

After his statements, the politician and businessman was asked directly if he was in favor of the SAD and dodged: “I am in favor of Boca becoming champion, let’s hope we get a coach because we are desperate”.

Ramiro Marra

Milei ratified his support for Macri in Boca and resumed the debate on the SAD

In a dialogue with Radio Continental, mercy declared: “If engineer Macri considers that I can be useful to recover the greatness and brilliance that Boca had during his administration, I have no problem helping him, obviously.”. And he added: “I am going to be president of the Nation, I could lend my shoulder so that Boca shines again”.

For his part, the leader of Freedom Advances did not lower his position in favor of SAD after the pronouncement against many clubs, including Boca, River, San Lorenzo, Independiente and Racingamong others: “That is another lie. The clubs as they are now can continue without any problem. The question is, why restrict the possibility of having clubs that are Public Limited Companies? What if someone wants their club to be like Manchester City? What’s the problem?”.

Boca’s statement against Sports Joint Stock Companies

Through his Twitter account, the Xeneize stated: “Faithful to its origins, respectful of the clear principles defended for almost 120 years, Boca Juniors ratifies its character as a non-profit Civil Association and the premise that our club belongs to its people, members who make it more every day.” big”.

And followed: “The life of Boca Juniors is inextricably linked to the place where it was born, grew up and took on the dimension that today has made it a popular movement recognized in the world. That is why it will always be committed to the social reality where it develops its sporting and cultural activities. “Convinced of the transcendent function that clubs have fulfilled in Argentina for more than a century, Boca Juniors is against any initiative that implies their privatization or sale.”.

Mile Boca

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