Marcelo Tinelli’s anger after being romantically linked to Momi Giardina: “I don’t like her”

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Momi Giardinathe former dancer who was part of the group of dancers in the program hosted by Marcelo Tinelli, will return to the dance floor with her daughter, Julieta Castro, who is currently a participant in Bailando 2023 within the framework of Salsa de 3. In this context , the artist She was consulted about rumors of an affair with the driverwho He came out with the plugs on his toes to clarify the versions that connect them sentimentally to this day.

It all started on a LAM mobile with the dancer. In the middle of the dialogue, Ángel de Brito asked him: “How does Marcelo kiss?”. Then, Giardina clarified, bluntly: “No no no! “I can’t tell you that information because I didn’t have the opportunity.” “Let’s go!” the driver called her out, showing that he didn’t believe a single word.. “No, guys! Really!”he defended himself.

“I would never go out with my friends’ father.”Momi assured with total sincerity and then underlined: “I am a friend of the daughters and I would not go out for the simple fact of not breaking the bond.” “Isn’t he a guy for you, Marcelo?”, de Brito insisted, without giving up. Upon hearing the question, the artist responded, avoiding giving a specific answer on the matter: “A kiss for everyone, guys!” which generated laughter among the little angels.

Suddenly, Marcelo Tinelli opened the door to his dressing room, where Momi was working on her cell phone, not very happy with the question that Ángel asked her. “How do you kiss?” How are they going to ask him ‘how he kisses’? She is a friend! “replied the host of Bailando 2023, indignant and then kissed him on the cheek.

“It’s late, see? I just came out and heard: “How Marcelo kisses”Marcelo showed as he opened the dressing room door to point at the TV screen and show that he was watching LAM. “Are you asking a friend that? I don’t like! “First, I don’t like the question!”he shot, angry.

“And why do you blame me?”the chronicler asked him. “To you and Ángel who asked the question”Marcelo answered, without hesitation. “If they are going to bully me…No!”he sentenced. “And you should be standing here! I don’t understand! Next time I’ll go out if I see quilom…!”he complained to the security guard who was standing in the middle of the hallway of the América Tv studios.

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