Marcelo “Teto” Medina was prosecuted for sexual abuse with carnal access and a millionaire embargo was imposed on him

"Here" Medina
“Ceiling” Medina

Marcelo “Teto” Medina He was prosecuted for three acts of sexual abuse with carnal access and coercive threats with firearmsas confirmed by judicial sources Infobae.

The decision was made by Judge Martín Del Viso after the presentations made before the Court in 2019 by his former partner, Monica Fernandezrepresented by lawyer Alejandro Cipolla.

In that sense, the ruling of the Justice establishes that the assets and money of “Teto” be seized until “the sum of 20.258.430 pesos” and that it is also established a perimeter restriction no less than a radius of 500 meters from your ex-partner, communication with her through any type of application, social network or messaging service is prohibited.

The case began when Fernándezwho had a five-year relationship with Medina, filed a complaint for gender violence and threats.

“Medina was very aggressive, unkempt, and with dirty clothes, and he was also missing a tooth,” he commented. They went to his house to clean up, she waited for him for 30 minutes in his car, and when his partner returned, she noticed that she had not bathed or changed her clothes, according to the complaint. “And he had a plastic bag,” Fernández said at the time.

According to the woman’s story, when they were at the intersection of 9 de Julio and Belgrano avenues, Medina extracted “two revolver-type weapons” from that bag.and threatened her to continue the march to Mónica’s home.

In this context, a few days later, Medina was hospitalized for “a case of major depression” in the Private Rest Clinic Abrines de Quilmes. “Everything that happened affected him a lot, obviously. According to him, she did not expect it and it is all false. “He did him so much harm that now he is hospitalized, as a result of depression,” he had said. Gustavo D´Elíaat that time defense attorney for Medina.

After a month he was discharged and left the institution, which raised alarm among his ex-partner, who in those days reported him again, this time for sexual abuse.

Shortly after, without giving much importance to the legal problem, “Teto” reappeared publicly and gave an interview to LAM: “I’m better and I’m taking care of myself. I held back with my family, my children and the people who love me. I am listening to the doctors,” and he added: “I am going back to work, which is the most important thing, I bless this opportunity, work is healing.”

However, his ex-partner did not remain silent and, in mid-2020, He asked the court to arrest the driver for the first reason. “I requested the arrest because I understood that the case was finished, due to the issue of evidence. And that Mr. Medina’s guilt was more than proven. Now the prosecutor decides whether he wants to request it or not and it is the judge who decides,” explained lawyer Cipolla on that occasion.

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