Making the Grade: Apple’s best device in the classroom would be a 12.9″ iPad with a Magic Keyboard at $499

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As we enter a new year, I’ve thought a lot about where Apple sits with its K-12 strategy. The discussion about technology in education developed before COVID-19, and it continues to develop after COVID-19. As I think about where Apple sits in the K-12, I see a conspicuous weakness: The company needs a cheap 12.9 “iPad package with a Magic Keyboard-style case.

About making the grade: Through his experience implementing and managing 100s of Macs and 100s of iPads, Bradley will highlight ways in which Apple products work on a large scale, stories from the trenches of IT administration in education, and ways in which Apple can improve its products for students.

When I think of students using devices day in and day out, I see conspicuous weaknesses in Apple’s cheap iPad today. The error has nothing to do with the power inside the iPad, but rather the size of the screen. A screen smaller than 10 ″ will be challenging to use for extended periods of multitasking (using it like a traditional laptop).

Creating an iPad package with education only

Apple’s strategy for the larger iPads has been to use them to push what the iPad can in terms of power, thus creating the iPad Pro lineup. For most people, the power is not the reason they get the 12.9 ″ iPad Pro, but rather the screen size. I would love to see Apple make a new combo strategy for its K-12 focused iPad.

I would love to see a $ 499 iPad package with a 12.9 “iPad and Magic Keyboard included with each device. The power and technology of this iPad must be reduced in order for Apple to ship a product to that price point, but I think It would be a powerful K-12 unit.

Right now, it’s simply too expensive to install a 12.9 “iPad Pro and a Magic Keyboard in the classroom. Apple does not have the same price as a 13” Chromebook, but it needs to start with a device with comparable hardware.

iPadOS in the classroom

I still think iPadOS is one of the most powerful options, but ChromeOS is still a worthy competitor. The more I think about the educational environment I want my kids to grow up in, the more I like iPadOS. I do not want my children to stare at computers for eight hours a day – they have to for the rest of their lives. The iPad is an accompanying device in the classroom. The laptop is the focal point of the classroom.

A 12.9 “iPad with a Magic Keyboard-style attachment for $ 499 would be an excellent device for schools to build their technology strategy around. They would get the best of iPadOS with the larger screen size at a price that the CFO will approve.

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