M3 MacBook Air and Pro to launch in October, and they deserve a proper Apple event

All eyes are focused Apple this time of year. We are only a few weeks away from the iPhone 15 launch event. The mid-September keynote should include at least one more product announcement, the 2023 Apple Watch refresh, which will cover the Series 9 and next-generation Ultra models.

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As for the oft-rumored M3 MacBook Air and Pro, the new laptops will probably not debut until October. It’s too early to say if Apple will host another special event for the M3 laptops. But I think only the M3 chip deserves a good keynote. If the latest rumors are correct, the M3 chip will be second to none.

This would make the upcoming M3 MacBook Air an incredibly competitive device, and an obvious choice for many consumers looking for a new notebook.

Reporting for BloombergMark Gurman said this about the upcoming M3 MacBook Air and Pro laptops:

The structure of the event, I’m told, will match the launch of the iPhone 14: a pre-recorded video will be shown online, as well as during an event at the company’s headquarters. After the presentation, visitors can personally try out the iPhone 15 and the new Apple Watch. There’s also another launch in October (probably for the first M3 Macs), but it’s unclear if that will be positioned as a formal event.

That’s all the insider wrote about the M3 machines in a piece that focused on the next-generation iPad Pro models that Apple will unveil next year. Those tablets will also run on the M3 platform.

As Gurman says, he’s not sure if Apple will host a formal event for the M3 MacBook Air and Pro. A press release announcement can always work, as the laptops probably won’t get a major design refresh.

But there’s reason to be excited about the M3 upgrade. If you followed it the iPhone 15 Pro rumoursDo you know that Apple has reportedly bought all of TSMC’s production capacity for 3nm processors for the next year. This would be a love deal between the Taiwanese foundry and its largest customer, Apple.

As the rumor spread, I explained that exclusive access to 3nm chips would give Apple a major competitive advantage in next year’s smartphone battles. The A17 Bionic that powers the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will be second to none. If the report is correct, no Android vendor will have 3nm chips in its flagships next year.

This is not about the iPhone 15 Pro models outperform the Galaxy S24 Ultra and other flagships by a wide margin. It’s about the energy efficiency that the 3nm process brings. Add to that the leaks bringing about increased battery capacity for the iPhone 15 models, and battery life could get a huge boost on the iPhone 15 Pros.

How is that relevant to the M3 MacBook Air and Pro? The M3 is also expected to be a 3nm chip. Apple didn’t release a 15-inch M3 MacBook Air earlier this summer because the M3 wasn’t ready yet. That’s what rumors have said. Apple might have preferred to launch the 15-inch M2 MacBook Air as soon as possible rather than wait for the M3 chip upgrade.

The M3 chip could be an even bigger upgrade to the 2023 13-inch MacBook Air than the A17 Bionic is for the iPhone 15 Pros. It could bring big performance improvements over its predecessor. Then again, it’s the M3’s power efficiency that could be the most significant upgrade for Apple laptops.

If Apple can significantly improve the MacBook Air’s already tremendous battery life, PCs will have a hard time beating this generation of Macs. And remember that more powerful versions of the M3 will power Next year’s MacBook Pro models.

If all these leaks about Apple’s exclusive access to 3nm manufacturing are accurate, and if the M3 is truly going to be a game-changing upgrade, Apple might be better served by hosting a proper launch event for the M3 MacBook Air and Pro in October.

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