Livestock carriers to be auctioned in Singapore

At the request of unsecured creditor KPI OceanConnect, the Singapore High Court has appointed Deloitte as liquidator of Cattle Line Two, the company that owns two long-haul cattle carriers, Barkly Pearl and Diamantina. The ships will now be put up for auction. Talks are underway with secured creditor UOB, a local bank, about the debt problems surrounding the livestock transports.

Cattle Line Two is controlled by Beng Kuang Marine, founded in 1994 and listed in Singapore since 2004. Beng Kuang is best known for its offshore operations.

The 30-year-old Barkly Pearl is currently moored at Batam in Indonesia, just as it is four years younger Diamantina.

In January 2021, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) prohibited Barkly Pearl from entering Australian waters for 24 months, the longest ban AMSA has issued on a vessel.

The vessel was originally found traveling through Australia’s northern waters with major damage to the hull in November 2020. It was then brought into the port of Geraldton after a tense operation to get the listed vessel ashore.

AMSA ship inspectors then worked with vessel owners and operators to develop a suitable repair solution and the vessel was eventually loaded onto the heavy cargo ship Falcon to safely leave Australian waters


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