Lilia Lemoine called a neo-Nazi leader prosecuted for anti-Semitic attacks a “patriot” and later apologized

Lilia Lemoine, representative of La Libertad Avanza;  and Carlos Pampillón, neo-Nazi leader
Lilia Lemoine, representative of La Libertad Avanza; and Carlos Pampillón, neo-Nazi leader

The elected representative of La Libertad Avanza Lilia Lemoine expressed his support for the far-right leader, Carlos Pampillon, who faces charges for anti-Semitic attacks. In a message shared on social networks, Lemoine spread a call for insubordination of the Armed Forces made by Pampillón, who is also prosecuted for encouraging a police sedition and leading a gang that carried out hate attacks in 2018.

In the video, Pampillón defends retired captain Iván Volante, accusing the current Chief of Staff and vice presidential candidate, Agustín Rossi, of embezzling state assets. Known as a far-right leader in Mar del Plata, He was prosecuted in November 2022 for organizing a violent group with the purpose of imposing supremacist ideas.

“Bend your balls because your bosses, dragged into Kirchnerism, initiated a summary against Captain Volante that He dared to deny Rossi’s drug mafia terrorist who used elements of the Argentine army for his personal benefit,” Pampillón stated in the video, which was later reposted by Lemoine with the phrase: “This is a true patriot.”

Pampillón's tweet reposted by Lemoine
Pampillón’s tweet reposted by Lemoine

Following Pampillón’s statements, the Army began administrative proceedings against the retired pilot. In addition, The DAIA recalled that Pampillón was prosecuted by prosecutor Santiago Eyherabide, accusing him of participating as “head” or “organizer” of a group designed to impose his ideas by force, as well as participating in an organization that promotes racial or religious discrimination.

In addition, he is accused of the crime of participating “in an organization or carrying out propaganda based on ideas or theories of superiority of a race or a group of people of a certain religion, ethnic origin or color, whose purpose is the justification or promotion of racial or religious discrimination in any form, which actually co-occurs with the crime of threats, all aggravated by having been committed due to persecution or hatred of a race, religion or nationality with respect to the fact for which it was investigated.”

The prosecution against the Nazi supremacist leader corresponds to a detachment from a case initiated years ago against members of the aforementioned gang, who were sentenced to sentences of between two and nine years in prison for physical attacks, threats and fascist graffiti.

Lemoine's apology
Lemoine’s apology

Given the controversy generated by his actions, Lemoine issued an apology the next day, describing his support for Pampillón as a “grave error”. However, he also suggested that there has been an operation against him since June/July and challenged the media to replicate his message of apology.

“My serious mistake. He is no patriot. I already saw who it is. I apologize; I am exposed to so many people and so much information, I am so accessible that bullets enter me,” she said. And she added: “Of course they are looking to get me off, there is an operation that started in June/July.”

It is not the first time that Lemoine has found himself in the eye of the storm for his comments on social networks. In fact, the morning after the triumph of Sergio Massa in the general elections he generated a stir within the liberal group for his controversial statements.

The reason? Supporters of La Libertad Avanza accused her of being one of those responsible for Javier Milei losing to the Unión por la Patria candidate and reminded her of her reprehensible bill so that parents can give up paternity.

Furthermore, on the same day of the vote starred in a scandal in a school in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Santa Rita and the users did not forgive them either: He came out of the dark room with Milei tickets in his hands and he argued with the polling station prosecutors, who wanted to annul his vote.

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