Lesson from Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo to Bolaños: “You cannot call anyone ultra”

“Félix Bolaños is the ultra vicar of the ultra mayor of the kingdom.” With those words he defined this Wednesday Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo to the Minister of Justice after Félix Bolaños called the popular deputy “ultra” during a PP questioning in Congress.

“You cannot call anyone ultra,” said Álvarez de Toledo, who recalled that the head of Justice “ha agreed the government of Spain with a coup plotter and a fugitiveand has promoted an amnesty law that destroys the principle of equality.”

But she has not left it there, the representative of the PP has also recalled that Bolaños “is the protagonist of an unusual campaign to attack the separation of powers and has handed over Pamplona to a political formation that does not adjure the shot in the back of the head and that has murderers on their electoral lists”.

“He is the leader of a coalition without precedent in democratic history due to its extremism and its incompatibility with the values ​​that make coexistence possible in a democratic community,” stated Álvarez de Toledo.

Bolaños has also tried to attack the popular parties by attacking Fraga, ensuring that AP did not unanimously vote for the Constitution. “Mr. Fraga was the speaker of the Constitution, there are articles written in his own handwriting,” recalled the PP deputy who sent the minister to the Constitutional Commission to see the painting in which the Galician leader appears.

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