Learn how to change your electoral committee in 7 steps using your national ID card

We are 48 hours away from the end of the legal period set by the National Elections Authority, headed by Counselor Hazem Badawy, to submit requests to modify the polling station for voters, through the website.

The National Elections Authority enabled citizens to modify their polling station, in 7 steps, as follows:

1- Access the website of the National Authority (www.elections.eg)

2- Submit a request on the website to amend the committee

3- Through this application, the citizen fills out the required data

4- Send a copy of your national ID card through the website

5-Choose 3 electoral centers in terms of the closest to the citizen’s place of residence

6- The National Authority, through a specialized committee, studies these applications

7- Determine the electoral headquarters closest to the applicant

The website of the National Elections Authority, www.elections.eg, allows the citizen to inquire about his electoral headquarters and his eligibility to cast his vote in the electoral process, according to the national number.

As part of the National Elections Authority’s keenness to facilitate the voting process for citizens, it also allowed the citizen to make a change to the polling station in which he will cast his vote in the upcoming presidential elections. Provided that he is within the scope of his electoral domicile, via the website, that he submits a request in this regard no later than November 15th of this month, to amend the electoral center to which he is requested to move, in order for the Commission to ensure that every citizen uses his constitutional right to express his opinion and participate in shaping the future of the nation to which he will move. It is the ultimate goal.

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