Larreta differed from Macri and Bullrich: “The two options we have for the runoff are very bad”

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta spoke about the meeting between Patricia Bullrich and Javier Milei. The head of the Buenos Aires government said that he will not support the libertarian or Massa

As expected, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta confirmed that he will not support either Javier Milei or Sergio Massa in the runoff on November 19: “I want to be very clear about that dilemma. The two options are very bad for all Argentines. It is our responsibility to defend them,” she introduced.

To justify his decision, the head of the Buenos Aires government criticized both candidates. First it was the turn of Sergio Massa, whom he equated with Kirchnerism: “It is the re-election of Kirchnerist populism. “He continues to hit the machine, he gives education to the Baradels, it means continuing to live in fear due to insecurity, more patches and improvisation, I have always faced Kirchnerism,” Larreta pointed out. In that direction, he recalled his confrontations with the current ruling party. “They took away my participation and I went to court, there is no possibility of me joining the Kirchnerist government. I do not give up on the possibility of building a different government. “I am going to continue working tirelessly,” he stated.

Then, Regarding Milei, he expressed: “It is a new populism, a leap into the void.”. I do not believe in the sale of weapons or organs, that is a disaster, education with vouchers, attacks on the Vatican. It is on the edges of democracy. He built his career based on attacks. He treated me like a rat. “He said he was going to step on me with the wheelchair,” Larreta reviewed all the attacks he received from the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza.

Then he expressed a fundamental difference, beyond the insults. “Now, beyond that, if I believed in his ideas I would support him. The problem is that it is not good for the country. That is why I cannot accompany a candidate who hurts Argentines,” explained the head of government.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta differed from Patricia Bullrich and Mauricio Macri, and said that he will not support either Sergio Massa or Javier Milei, in the November 19 runoff.

As an alternative, the former presidential candidate called for building a firm opposition for the future: “There is a third alternative, which is to work to maintain Together for Change. I know there was talk of breakups, of fights, that doesn’t add up to anything. “I will always fight to sustain the coalition.”he stated, relativizing the possibility of a definitive breakup of Together for Change.

At the press conference held at the Buenos Aires government headquarters on Uspallata Street, Larreta expressed his surprise at the meeting that Patricia Bullrich said she had had with Javier Milei. “I did not know anything, It was a midnight meeting, in secret. I had breakfast with a lot of surprise about that meeting. I don’t know what they talked about, what they agreed on, I don’t know anything.”Larreta said.

The leader maintained his usual tone, although he did not fail to point out his disagreement with that meeting. “I expressed my clear discomfort regarding secret meetings. Especially when there was an agenda,” Larreta said. In fact, a meeting of the PRO and then one of Together for Change was scheduled for today, as had been the route for decision-making in the coalition.

In the PRO there is no common position“said the former presidential candidate of the space, ratifying the discomfort that exists regarding the support that Patricia Bullrich expressed today towards Javier Milei. “The governors are in the same direction. There is a majority in Together for Change that agrees that Kirchnerism is a catastrophe, but not a leap into the void”, he warned.


Then, the head of government, who will leave his place to Jorge Macri on December 10, agreed with the position of radicalism regarding the role that the coalition will have from now on. “Each leader that we can maintain is a bigger brake on any of these alternatives. It is what the majority of Together for Change choose. The CC, Public Trust of Ocaña, María Eugenia Vidal. Our governors, gathered at this moment, with the same position, we can’t support one or the other”he added.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s press conference began after 7 p.m. and lasted almost 20 minutes. It happened after a day marked by tensions in Together for Change. First, Patricia Bullrich and Luis Petri, the formula that came in third place in the general elections, announced their support for Javier Milei in the runoff against Sergio Massa.

Then, Gerardo Morales and Martín Lousteau, heads of the Radical Civic Union, not only rejected that position, but also considered that such a unilateral expression broke Together for Change. “Shame on others,” said the radicals. Furthermore, they held responsible Mauricio Macri for the move and for the defeat in the elections.

Finally it was the turn of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who distanced himself from the founder of the PRO and the former candidate for president. His message also coincided with the position he expressed Maria Eugenia Vidal. The former governor of Buenos Aires made it clear on her social networks that she would not support Javier Milei.

Tweet by María Eugenia Vidal about the pact between Milei and Bullrich
Tweet by María Eugenia Vidal about the pact between Milei and Bullrich

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