Kate Middleton, in the family plot that leaves Meghan Markle and Harry KO

Meghan Markle He is today a persona non grata in the royalty of United Kingdomthere is not the slightest doubt about that and we know it because we have always been family members of the Prince Harry They treated the Duchess of Sussex with rejection. The treatment that the two would have suffered for years is one of the compelling reasons why they made the decision to move to the United States in 2020.

At the beginning of this 2023, Prince Harry published his book as an autobiography where he was clear and blunt about the royal family’s treatment of them and other aspects of his life. It became an absolute bombshell to which the royal house responded with silence, the United Kingdom’s favorite tactic, according to the Duke of Sussex. Although the royals have not officially responded to everything they are accused of, It seems that they will have someone who wants to take “justice” into their own hands: Kate Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith.

Kate Middleton’s uncle has it in for the Sussexes, he wants to fight back

Prince Harry’s book was a bucket of cold water for the royal house, someone whose attitudes had already been questioned by the late Elizabeth II. The previous queen blamed everything on Meghan Markle, who would have coerced her husband during all that time to position him against the crown, and Gary Goldsmith’s opinion does not differ much from this. Kate Middleton’s uncle is another of those detractors of the Duchess of Sussex. She is to blame for many things and on more than one occasion she has spoken badly of both her and Prince Harry, and as soon as she found out that the youngest son of Charles III had published his own book aimed directly at the heart of the royal house, she could not stay with arms crossed.

According to British media, Gary Goldsmith was already in the process of writing his own memoirs, But when Prince Harry’s book went on sale, it was the moment in which the tables turned and Kate Middleton’s uncle would now focus entirely on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He would return the media blow that both the royal house of the United Kingdom and her beloved niece suffered, who has a lot of importance in the reason for her actions.

Gary Goldsmith loves his niece, protects her from everything

One of the most important people in Gary Goldsmith’s life is precisely Kate Middleton, She has always spoken wonderfully about her niece in the media and cannot forgive that accusations have been made towards her in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix series. Obviously he denies everything and supports her until the end, he considers that she is more than qualified to be the future queen and defends her from any information, the only thing we know is that the love he feels for her niece is anything but false.

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